Audio Empire At WDHA With Lindsay Klein

"Every picture tells a story don't it?"  Great lyrics, and so true!!! This photo of the band Audio Empire and I pretty much sums up our relationship, pure joy!  These guys are hands down one of the most fun and appreciative bands I've ever worked with.....


For example, I do believe the first time I aired their tune on the Homegrown Spotlight, there was video evidence of screams for joy and breakdancing???  I love the band Audio Empire as people, and musicians!  I've worked with them a few times hosting their gigs, and like I said, I've never met a band who truly truly cares as much as them.   Thank you Audio Empire if I don't say it enough, for showing me that bands aren't all ego, there's talent and sincerity out there, and in you.


Lead singer David Marcus has a phenomenal voice with many ranges.  We share a lot of the same musical tastes on a personal note which definitely makes for great conversation, or research!   His melodic but gritty sound completely draws you in!


Please please give this band the love and support they deserve!! They can be found at and .  In fact, they have a gig this Wednesday night at Mexicali Live, direct support for Red Dragon Cartel!!! Also, check out their sick new tune "No Escape" below as an acousitcal magical gem, or plugged in and rocking on their sites!!!! They took the time to strip down the tune for my blog, and that time and effort didn't go unnoticed....Amazing job guys!