Jack White Plays “Tonight Show,” Fallon Fans Out

Jack White
performed on “The Tonight Show” last night in promotion of his new album, Lazaretto, and I can’t quite tell what was more entertaining:  White’s performance or Jimmy Fallon unabashedly becoming a fan-boy before the viewer’s eyes.

White’s performance of “Just One Drink” (embedded above) was stellar to say the least, and I’m sure it helped convince people to pick up his new album out today.  Also, me thinks there is something going on between White and his fiddle player.  The energy going back and forth between them was palpable…but I digress.

A true highlight in every sense of the word was Fallon’s sit-down with White where they discussed the details of the Lazaretto Ultra LP.  Watch the clip below.  Fallon’s reactions are priceless!