Korn Releasing Expanded Version Of “Paradigm Shift”

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 27: Jonathan David of Korn performs at Roseland Ballroom on September 27, 2013 in New York City.
plans to give us a little more of "The Paradigm Shift" this summer.

Frontman Jonathan Davis tells us that an expanded version of the 2013 album -- which saw the return of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch after eight years away -- is coming soon, featuring new songs such as the single "Hater" as well as live tracks recorded "all over the world" during the group's tour to support the album.

Davis says some of the new material was actually around for the original "Paradigm Shift" sessions but were not finished in time:

"I had two weeks and I had 25 songs. So within that two weeks I got 15 songs done for the record and I had to go on tour to Europe, so there was leftovers. We did a couple more songs off that and we threw it on this and we're gonna reissue the record with a couple more new songs on it and then a whole bunch of songs live from different places in the world -- like, there's one from Family Values in Chicago, one from London, one from Moscow, shit from all over the world, live recordings (will) be on this big re-release of the record with new artwork and all kinds of stuff."

The "Hater" single will be released to radio on Thursday (June 19) and for sale on June 23. Korn is also gearing up for the July 5 start of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in Devore, Calif., with Avenged Sevenfold, Body Count and others, as well as a stint on this year's Rockaholica Cruise from Key West, Fla., in late September.