Rob Halford Talks Why He Trademarked “Metal God”

Judas Priest
made an appearance on the BBC talk show “Later with Jools Holland” recently, and the band talked about a variety of things, including Rob Halford’s trademarking of his nickname “Metal God.”

When asked about why he trademarked “Metal God,” Halford reflected on how his fans gave him the nickname and that “It’s something I really cherish, and I don’t want anyone to be the ‘Metal God’ but me.”

While there are few people that could fight Halford for that honor, trademarking the name is definitely one way of making sure no one else claims the name.  Sounds like Halford took a page out of Gene Simmons’ playbook with this one.

Another great soundbite from this clip would have to be Halford confirming that Priest will be touring to promote Redeemer of Souls.  No dates have been announced yet, but I’m sure fans will be eager to see the “Metal God” very soon!