Foo Fighters Playing South Africa For The First Time

In perhaps one of the best 17 second YouTube videos you’ll ever watch, Dave Grohl announces that the Foo Fighters will play shows in South Africa for the first time in the band’s 20 year history.

Ever the gentleman, Grohl begins the video by properly introducing himself to all of South Africa, and that while they’ve “never met,” he says that he and the Foos are coming down to visit in December.  Oh…and he promises “a long f*ckin’ night!”

So much for that whole “gentleman” thing, I suppose.

The shows are set for December 10th in Cape Town and December 13th in Johannesburg.  Considering they’ve never played the country before, I think it’s safe to say the Foo Fighters will be bringing all of the hits and then some to those shows.  Can’t wait for all of the fan videos to flood social media!