Lars Talks About “Lords Of Summer,” Glastonbury Haters

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich
never seems to hold back, regardless of the topic, and lately he’s made his voice heard regarding a couple of news-worthy topics, with one being new music and the other being all the controversy that is surrounding headlining Glastonbury.

Metallica have been playing their new track “Lords of Summer” throughout their various European tour stops, and when he spoke with Metal Hammer in the video above, Lars says the feedback has been very positive.

“It’s fun to play. It seems like the kids are enjoying it,” said Lars.  “There was actually someone in the Snake Pit the other day with a homemade ‘Lords of Summer’ t-shirt on, which was very endearing.  That was cool!”

However not everything is all sunshine and lollypops with Lars, especially when it comes to all of the Glastonbury hubbub.

In an interview with BBC Radio 6, Lars seemed rather annoyed when talking about the controversy, spouting off lines like, “Here comes the big bad heavy metal band to our precious little festival” or “There obviously are people who snub their nose a little bit at hard rock, and look at hard rock as inferior or lower-class, some sort of lower music form or something, and [think] that the people who listen to hard rock are less educated.”

Yikes!  Thank God the Glastonbury Festival kicks off tomorrow, and soon (hopefully) all of this mess will be put to rest!