Metallica Rocks Glastonbury

THIS JUST IN:  After much controversy, Metallica closed out the second night of the Glastonbury Festival and absolutely rocked the place.

That’s right…After much complaining from various British media and musicians about whether Metallica were a proper headlining choice for the legendary festival, there was no hippie revolt or mass protest at the sight or sound of that devil heavy metal music.

Of course, that’s not to say Metallica didn’t have a little fun of their own.

Per reports of, and, the set started off with a video that mocked bear hunting, the same subject of the History Channel show “The Hunt,” which James Hetfield narrates.  It was also the same show that led to the “Remove Metallica from Glastonbury Festival for their support of Bear Hunting” Facebook campaign.  (So much good that did!)

Metallica played a 14-song set chockfull of classics like “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “One” and “Master of Puppet.”  In fact, here’s the band’s whole set! (Thanks YouTube!)

As you can see, those in attendance will be left with great memories from an amazing set from one of rock’s greatest metal bands.  A lucky few may even have picked up the special edition “Glastallica” t-shirt (embedded below) that pokes fun of all the unwarranted controversy. 

I think this is what the British call being “cheeky.”