Top 5 Workaholics In Rock

July 5th is National Workaholics Day! In honor of this “holiday,” we’d like to recognize rock and roll’s biggest workaholics.  Here’s our top five:

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers

They’ve been doing it for over three decades and they do not stop! The RHCP have been working on their 11th studio album and touring this year according to the Band’s website. Although the band did decide they needed a break before playing in Super Bowl XLVIII, they must’ve missed the touring life because the break only lasted for two months. These guys are in their 50’s but still love to rock all around the world!  

4. Linkin Park

LP does at least one tour per calendar it seems. It also seems like they are always coming out with a new album. The last three albums they released came out in 2010, 2012, and earlier this month, which is a lot for a band that stays in the mainstream and tours so often.  Having done various side projects such as Mike Shinoda’s Fort Minor album and the mash-up album with Jay-Z, the band still finds the time to do charity concerts when they aren’t on tours promoting their albums.

3. Papa Roach

Although they have done so rather quietly, Papa Roach has been throwing a ton of concerts that aren’t quiet at all. Papa Roach made it on Songkick’s list of hardest working bands in 2013 because of the number of shows they had that year and the total number of kilometers traveled. It seems like they are on stage time and time again, having done nearly 150 concerts last year alone. 

2. Green Day 

It should be no surprise that the trio made this list. Green Day has been touring every year since American Idiot came out a decade ago. In the time since, they’ve made four albums, three of them coming out in the same year! As if making music for three albums wasn’t time consuming enough, the band also took a huge part in producing American Idiot: The Musical, which has dates set all the way through 2015.

1. Foo Fighters 

Dave Grohl is often considered the hardest working man in music, and deservedly so. Grohl has toured with various bands, including his own, over the course of his career and still finds time to do more. He and the band have been working on a documentary series with HBO called “Sonic Highways” where they tour famous recording studios around the country. As if the HBO series weren’t enough, the Foos are currently working on their eighth studio album!