Crue’s Final Tour: New Song Debut, Tommy Lee’s Crazy Drum Setup

Motley Crue
’s Final Tour is underway and already the tour has featured some surprises.

The band’s July 4th show in Milwaukee saw the live debut of their highly anticipated new track “All Bad Things Must End” (embedded above), and it features one hell of a catchy hook/chorus.  If this is, in fact, the Crue’s final song, then they’re definitely going out on a high note. 

…And while we’re on the subject of “high notes,” Tommy Lee has revamped his infamous spinning drum rig for the last hurrah and has dubbed it the “Cruecifly.”  Lee wasn’t just content with spinning on stage.  No…now he’s taking his rotating kit out over the audience!  Check out the video below. 

There is one problem:  Not every venue has the ability to hang the massive rig, so not every tour stop will get to experience the “Cruecifly’s” majesty in person.

Well, thankfully we have YouTube and smartphones to make up for that slight.