Check Out Godsmack's The Making Of 100hp Video

Godsmack is ramping up the campaign for its upcoming sixth album, "1000hp," with the premiere of the first of five "The Making of 1000hp" webisodes, just posted on the group`s web site.

The series will take fans behind the scenes into the group's custom-built studio and rehearsal facility near Boston and to Ocean Way Studios in California during the writing and recording processes.

Frontman Sully Erna tells us that after taking a break from the band, the quartet found it easy to work together again: "Looking back now, in hindsight, we just needed a break. That's what it was, and we weren't allowing that before, not long enough. And we kind of were touring so relentlessly that we had to get away from each other, I think. And now the band came back and we started talking and we were in such a strong place. We really missed each other. The love was still there, man. The brotherhood is stronger now than it's ever been. And when it was time to start writing again, y'know, the guys had brought in a batch of songs and I had a batch of songs I'd been working on and we kind of laid it on the table and started carving through them and seeing which ones we were gonna lighten up and which ones were gonna make the cut."

The 10-track album (11 at Best Buy) comes out August 5; the title track has already been released as the album's first single.

Godsmack hits the road to headline this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival tour, which kicks off August 15 in suburban Detroit.