Dizzy Reed Talks GN’R Breakup Rumors

Guns N' Roses - Current Lineup
Guns N' Roses
is on an open-ended break, but fans have not seen the last of the band according to longtime keyboardist Dizzy Reed.

Reed, the longest-serving GNR member (24 years) other than frontman Axl Rose, tells us that there's no truth in rumors that surfaced earlier this year saying Rose planned to put GNR on permanent ice following the group's recent residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas:

"Y'know, so much crap gets out there. You can't believe any of it. At this point, at this stage in my life and having been in the band for so long, nothing surprises me. But at the same time, when I hear things like that I immediately sort of dismiss them until I hear further. So it really means nothing to me until I hear it from somebody else, and I'm never really concerned enough to even ask where it came from, or why, because if it's that important I'll be getting a phone call."

But Reed added it will probably be a minute before GNR fires up again:

"I know that...Guns are definitely taking some time off collectively from that. Obviously individually everyone's still working, but we'll see. I'm not sure if we're gonna be doing anything else this year. Hopefully we will, but definitely next year. We can't stay away for too long."

During the hiatus Reed  and guitarist Richard Fortus will be touring with the all-star group the Dead Daisies, and he's planning 10th anniversary shows for his covers band Hookers N' Blow during September in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.