Three Days Grace's Brad Walst Talks "Painkiller"

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 21: Matt Walst, Barry Stock, Neil Sanderson and Brad Walst of Three Days Grace perform at the Agency Group Party during the IEBA 2013 Conference - Day 2 at The Omni Nashville Hotel on October 21, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Although Three Days Grace is technically still promoting its 2012 album "Transit of Venus," the Canadian rockers were quick to put out a single, "Painkiller," with new frontman Matt Walst.

Walst, in fact, provided the impetus for the song, his older brother and Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst tells us:

"Matt actually brought that title to the table. I think he had almost half that chorus written, and that was early on. That was a few months after he joined the tour or whatever. We listened to it and were like, 'Man, that would be a great Three Days Grace song,' and I think he was like, 'Yeah, cool.' So we just started jamming on it and it became what it is now. It's actually the first song we wrote wtih Matt, which was crazy but it turned out awesome. We're really proud of that one, for sure."

Three Days Grace is currently working on a new album, which the group hopes to finish this fall. It's touring extensively this summer, in North America through late August with September shows in the U.K. and Germany.