Cornell, Thayil Talk Touring With NIN

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 13: Kim Thayil and Chris Cornell of American rock group Soundgarden perform live on stage during the first day of Hard Rock Calling, at Hyde Park on July 13, 2012 in London, England.
and nine inch nails kick off their summer co-headlining tour this weekend, starting Saturday (July 19) at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

The two groups have played on festivals before but have never spent much time together, and guitarist Kim Thayil tells us that he's looking forward to hanging with Trent Reznor and company for the next six weeks:

"Y'know, I am buddies of some of their crew, literally. I'm very good friends with their tour manager. I've never met Trent. I've met many people who have played with them, played with him over the years, like some of the guys in Filter...He seems to grab a lot of session dudes that play for a period of time and are gone, or they go on to other things. We've had opportunities to meet, and then for one reason or another they would fall through -- either one or two of the parties didn't play a particular show or just the schedules just mismatched."

Frontman Chris Cornell, meanwhile, says he's looking forward to hearing plenty of nin music this summer:

"We were fans of, like, 'Head Like a Hole' and the 'Pretty Hate Machine' era...It seemed kinda cool, like this new sort of wrinkle of aggressive rock but closer to Killing Joke than Metallica, for example, which appealed to me. And it just seemed like everything about it was cool and aggressive and visual that way."

Soundgarden is continuing to support 2012's "King Animal," its first new album in 16 years, as well as a 20th anniversary edition of "Superunknown." nine inch nails' latest album, "Hesitation Marks," came out in 2013.