Priest News Round-Up: More Studio Work, Halford On Band Tell-All’s

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - AUGUST 02: Singer Rob Halford (L) and guitarist Glenn Tipton of the band Judas Priest perform at The Gibson Amphitheatre on August 2, 2009 in Universal City, California.
Judas Priest
are still riding high on the top ten debut of their new album Redeemer of Souls and have been churning out the interviews to prove it.  And if a recent interview from guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner are any indication, it looks like Priest could be on board for another studio release.

Speaking to, Faulkner said that “I wouldn’t rule out another studio record.”  Considering that retirement rumors were swirling after Priest’s last world tour in 2012, the rumblings of a potential Souls follow-up is excellent news.

However, those who are desperately hoping for Priest’s version of The've got another thing coming!

Rob Halford sat down with Esquire for a one-on-one and made is clear that the band values their privacy.

“But as far as the dirty laundry that some bands are very, very open about displaying, the most important thing for Priest is the music. We really treasure it,” said Halford.  “…We're constantly asked if we're going to do a book. Well, it seems the only way you can get a book to be successful is to dig up the dirt, and I don't want to do that, personally. I think it's also part of the magic and mystery of the band, isn't it?”

“The Metal God” has a point.  Perhaps more bands should take a cue and be a bit more mysterious.  It’s only worked for Priest for 40 years.