Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Talks Touring With KISS

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 15: Joe Elliott of Def Leppard performs during 'FOX & Friends' All American Concert Series at FOX Studios on June 15, 2012 in New York City.
In theory, when two big bands tour together, many would expect egos to clash, but this is definitely not the case on this summer’s KISS/Def Leppard tour.

 Joe Elliott spoke to WDHAFM’s Morning Jolt, and from the sound of it, it’s been nothing but a total love fest between the two bands:

“Yeah, it’s been brilliant!  It’s been really, really good.  The camaraderie backstage has been fantastic!  So far, Phil (Collen) has already been in Gene (Simmons’s) gear and flying up through the truss during sound check just for fun.  This is by far the best musical lineup they’ve ever had because Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer are phenomenal musicians. And with Gene and Paul?  What a show you get!”

Of course, rockers will be rockers, and everyone is aiming to be the highlight of the show.  So, Morning Jolt host Kim Mulligan asked whether or not there was just a bit of competition going on while on the road:

“No! Well, jokingly. If they’ve watched us for a few minutes before they go on, and they see how we’re going down, it obviously makes you wonder, ‘Does it inspire them on a bit?’ And it’s the same thing with us, like when we go on, we gotta be good, because we know what’s following, you know.  It is one of those situations where, I suppose, there’s always a certain amount of competitiveness, but it’s mild, it’s comical.  It’s humorous.  And it’s certainly not…there’s none of that like sabotage stuff going off you read about in the 70’s or anything like that.  There’s no need.  We’ve known each other for a long time.  We’ve known each other socially.  We’ve known each other for many, many years.”

Agreed!  Leave that sabotage nonsense in the 70’s, along with leisure suits, Pet Rocks and “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.”  (Seriously, who gave the greenlight to that piece of crap?)

The next stop on the KISS/Def Leppard tour is in Bristow, Virginia tomorrow night (July 25th), followed by Holmdel, New Jersey on July 26th.  To see if the tour is rolling through a town near you, head over to or