Former Flyleaf Singer Sturm Releasing Memoir

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 07: Singer Lacey Mosley of the band 'Flyleaf' visits fuse TV's 'Let It Rock' at fuse Studios on October 7, 2009 in New York City.
Former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm will be publishing a memoir, "The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living," on October 7.

Korn guitarist and fellow Christian rocker Brian "Head" Welch wrote the forward for the book, which the publisher describes as a "story of physical abuse, drug use, suicide attempts and more -- and her ultimate salvation. (Sturm) asks the hard questions so many young people are asking -- Why am I here? Why am I empty? Why should I go on Living? -- showing readers that beyond the temporary highs and soul-crushing lows there is a reason they exist and a purpose for their lives. She not only gives readers a peak down the rocky path that led her to become a vocalist in a popular hardcore band, but she shows them that the same God is guiding their steps today."

In a statement, Sturm dedicates the book "to the one like my teenage self, who is a breath away from finding the beauty of a life worth living."

Sturm left Flyleaf during October of 2012 to pursue a solo career; the group is preparing for the September 16 release of "Between the Stars," its first album with Sturm's replacement, Kristen May.

Flyleaf has released the album's first single and video, "Set Me On Fire," and will start a headlining tour in October. Guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya tells us that,

"This is one of the coolest records we've ever made...It was really a natural feeling writing with Kristen. From the get-go, I didn't feel like there was any kind of moment, or there wasn't a time in her joining the band where we were like, 'OK, we gotta massage this and feel it out...From the get-go we connected and we started writing songs, and it was pretty amazing just right off the bat."