Tom Keifer On Who Really Discovered Cinderella, Superfan Lzzy Hale

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 20: Tom Keifer of Cinderella performs at the Agency For Performing Arts party during the IEBA 2013 Conference - Day 1 at the The Omni Hotel on October 20, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

As the story has gone for decades, Jon Bon Jovi has been credited for discovering Cinderella back in the 80s, but in a recent interview with WDHA’s Terrie Carr, Tom Keifer says the Demon, himself, was the first to take interest in the Philadelphia-based band:

“Here’s how that happened:  I saw something actually months and months ago on Twitter. Some fans were saying, ‘Hey Tom! Why don’t you finally tell the truth?’ kind of thing, you know.  ‘Wasn’t it Gene [Simmons]?’  And I thought about it, and here’s the story in a nut shell: Gene took an interest in the band a couple of years prior and went to Polygram [Records], where we ultimately got signed, and was trying to get us signed.  He couldn’t; they weren’t interested. And then a couple of years later, Jon saw us in a club and then he went in…Bottom line is his interest, at the end of the day, lead to a deal. So as a result of that, I’m constantly asked by the press about Jon. So Gene’s involvement gets swept under the carpet.   So when the fans did that on Twitter, I was like, ‘You know, I have to start giving Gene credit for actually [discovering us.]’  And I’m grateful for both of their interest and involvement in the band, because we might not be where we ended up.”

…And if Cinderella didn’t happen, who knows what would have come of Halestorm?!

Yes, frontwoman Lzzy Hale has been unabashedly forward about her love of Keifer, with Carr mentioning in the past how Hale has said she wanted marry him.  And while Keifer is happily married, he did discuss how he and Halestorm performed together and what that meant to him:

“Well, you know…it was one of those things where our agent got a call.  You know, ‘Do you wanna do some shows with Halestorm?’ And we were like, ‘Sure!’  And the first one we did was last year in September at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, and then the following night, we were in York, PA at the big fair there, and that’s when we first met.  In the encore, we did ‘Nobody’s Fool’ together, and it was a blast.  It means a lot to me to stand on the side of the stage and watch her, because I know that I was an influence, and she’s an amazing singer.  It’s very cool and we’ve become very good friends.”

Keifer is currently touring in support of his debut solo album The Way Life Goes.  To check out the album and to see if he’s traveling down a gypsy road near you, head over to