Dave “Snake” Sabo On Managing, Skid Row’s Latest EP

It’s been 25 years since Skid Row released their self-titled debut, and while founding member and guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo might not be a “youth gone wile” anymore, his experience in the music business has lead him to new role: Band manager.

In a recent interview with WMMR’s Jacky Bambam, Sabo talks about whom he manages and his relationship with that band:

“Well, I manage the band Down, which is with Philip (Anselmo, from Pantera) and Pepper Keenan from COC (Corrosion of Conformity), and I’ve been doing that for nine years now, and it’s something that I absolutely love.  I get to work with my friends, and I think they know that they can trust me, and that I’ll always be on their side.  I’m always on the side of the artist.  So, if I’m dealing with a record label or other managers or whatever, I’m always going to defend the people that I work with….Philip and I have a three-year history together, and I have to protect that, and I have to protect that band, and it’s one of the most important things in my life.  So, it’s not a chore, and it’s not a job; it’s something that I cherish…They’re such a great band, but also, I get to tour with Skid Row still after 25 years.  It doesn’t get old. It’s still exciting; it’s still amazing.  So, I have the best of both worlds. I’m very fortunate.”

Speaking of touring, Skid Row have been on the road since April, playing throughout Australia and New Zealand, Europe and all over the United State, with more dates in Europe to follow this fall.

With their latest EP Rise Of The Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter Two (a follow-up to 2013’s EP United World Rebellion: Chapter One) coming out August 5th, Sabo talks the making of this EP and why the band has been making EPs instead of LPs lately:

“In the 28 years of Skid Row and the 25 years of making records and whatnot, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had…There’s so much music out there.  It’s very difficult to sit there and navigate through all of it, and we just wanted to offer people a dose of music, if you will.  Six or seven songs.  Nothing that’s over-whelming.  I mean, who has an hour to hour and a half to devote to sitting down and just listening to a record?...We just want to give people a small dose and hopefully, they want more…Right now, it just seems that the way the business has turned, for us, this was the best way to get our music out to an audience that will hopefully respond positively to it and not be over-whelmed by it and want more.”

Sabo definitely has a point.  In this ADD, always on-the-go world we live in, how many people really sit down and listen to a full album anymore?  An EP is almost the perfect set of music to listen to in the car on the way to work.  It’ll be interesting to see if more bands will follow suit with this recording structure.

For all the latest Skid Row and to see their complete tour schedule, head over to SkidRow.com.