McKagan Says Velvet Revolver Isn’t Auditioning New Singers

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 07: Duff McKagan of the band Loaded performs at the 2012 CBGB Festival on July 7, 2012 in New York City.
Duff McKagan
has gone on record to refute Scott Weiland's recent claims that Velvet Revolver is auditioning candidates for a new lead singer.

McKagan, who's currently playing in the band Walking Papers and returned to Guns N' Roses for a few shows earlier this year, tells VH1 Radio Networks that, "I'm not aware that we're auditioning right now and I think I would be aware. That's a band, when it's the right time to happen, it'll happen again. That band was so good and really started with all the right intentions and we wrote a lot of material near the end of that band. We kind of got really free musically, so we've got all this material and it's a really talented band."

Velvet Revolver has been dormant since touring to support its sophomore album, 2007's "Libertad," and then fired Weiland the following year -- although the quintet, which also includes GNR alumni Slash and Matt Sorum -- did regroup for a benefit show in 2012.

McKagan has previously told us that he's confident Velvet Revolver will resume at some point in the future: "We talk about it every now and again. It's the type of thing, I think, where we're waiting for the right person to come along. It'll just happen. I don't think we consider it gone. I think it's just dormant."