“We Are Twisted F**king Sister” Trailer Released

If you’ve ever wanted to know just how Twisted Sister came to be, you’re in luck. Director Andrew Horn recently released the trailer for his upcoming movie, We Are Twisted F**king Sister.

Per ClassicRock.com, a release date has not been announced but according to Horn, “If you think you know them from their hit songs, the MTV videos and massive stadium shows, this is the untold story of how they became that band.  It’s about rock ‘n’ roll and the business of rock ‘n’roll.”

In the video below, Dee Snider says the film is “for people who are original fans, hardcore fans, true fans, or want to know more about this band.”  Dee goes on to say, “I’m often tempted to test the fans, test their commitment and say ‘name a song other than ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ or ‘I Wanna Rock’ …just to see the depth of fanishness.  That’s what this is about, that’s what this documentary is about.”

On the movie’s Facebook page, the band is encouraging those who haven’t seen the trailer yet to “go take a look and tell your friends.”

For many of you out there, this will be the perfect opportunity to get to know Twisted Sister even better than you already do. A little history lesson per se. How exciting!!