Pearl Jam’s Vedder, McCready Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Pearl Jam
has been no strangers to viral videos lately (remember when they performed “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen?), and now Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready have taken on the ALS Ice Buck Challenge.

McCready was nominated by Steve Gleason, former member of the New Orleans Saints who’s also is battling ALS.  In the clip above, McCready takes the challenge (apparently while on the way to go surfing) and promptly nominated the rest of Pearl Jam, as well as Duff McKagan, Macklemore (What? And not Ryan Lewis?), Stefan Lessard and Mike Wells.

Vedder accepted the challenge and nominated actor Tim Robbins, Bruce Springsteen and, per the request of his daughters, Niall from One Direction.

(Side note:  Vedder sang “Let It Go,” because his youngest daughter asked him.  I have a funny feeling Vedder doesn’t tell his daughters “no” very often.)

Kudos to Vedder for getting doused with a larger bucket than McCready.  As for everyone who’s been challenged, you’re on notice.