A7X’s “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” Out Now

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - JUNE 24: M. Shadows and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold perform during the 2012 Orion Music + More Festival at Bader Field on June 24, 2012 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Just out this week is "Waking The Fallen: Resurrected," a deluxe reissue of Avenged Sevenfold's breakthrough 2003 sophomore album expanded with a second disc that includes demos and live tracks, as well as a DVD documentary.

Guitarist Zacky Vengeance tells us that after creating a bit of buzz with the 2001 debut "Warmness on the Soul," "Waking the Fallen" was a huge step forward for the band:

"Even when we were at that point we had very few fans, we never felt like a small band. We always felt that we had a big purpose. When we wrote that album, 'Walking the Fallen,' it was important. We went back and listened to it and we showed our friends and family and said, 'You gotta hear this part and this part and what we're doing here,' and 'Do you hear this and what we're going for production-wise?' Listening back to it now it's really not the best-produced album, but at the time we were involved in every aspect of it, and we were so proud of it."

"Waking The Fallen" did not chart on the Billboard 200 but was certified gold and helped the group sign a major label deal with Warner Bros. Records for its next album, 2005's "City of Evil." A7X is currently off the road after headlining this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.