One Hundred Thousand at WDHA

A few months ago, lead singer Rich Matos's brother posted the band One Hundred Thousand's music video on my Facebook page.  I watched the video and was in total shock that 1. I had never heard of this band 2.  Rich was in a previous band on my blog, and didn't tell me about his new band  3.  Rich was singing like a bad a*s 4. The video is pure genius quality......

I immediately contacted the band and told them that I would air their single on the WDHA Homegrown Spotlight, which I do every weeknight around 11:30 pm.  I was an immediate fan drawn into the ambience of the band as a whole, the dramatic lyrics, the tight sound, it was instant love.  I was ecstatic to invite them onto the blog to get to see them in person!!

The band One Hundred Thousand has actually been around for a bit of time, they've just been semi -hiding.  I'm so glad they are out there and that everyone can hear their insanely talented music now!!! In fact, unique to any other band I've had on my show, they even talk about in our interview below, that their writing style is quite individualistic, versus a collective entity.   Please take a listen to hear more about my new favorite band in our interview!

For more information, please head over to their website where you will find their EP "Rise", which also contains the single "Low" which has the most amazing music video to it.  A full length album will be out soon as well, and I can't freaking wait!  I'm a HUGE fan of these guys, Rich, Kurt, Alex, and Andrew, please give them the love they absolutely deserve!!!

Shameless plug, all of their music was produced and recorded at Kurt Wubbenhorst (drums, vocals)'s studio Architekt Music.