Reality Suite at WDHA with Lindsay Klein

Reality Suite came in to film for the blog this past Monday, and we had a KILLER time!  They did a phenomenal job performing for us, and we were very excited to hear about everything they have going on!  For instance, they have a brand new video for their song " Die Dreaming" out today! Visit their website to check it out!!! Also, of course, please check out one of their acoustic performances posted below as well!  They are performing live this 1/29 as well at Mexicali Live!


But  first, the band and I sat down for a question and answer series, lets check out what happened here:


LINDSAY:  How long has Reality Suite been a band?


LINDSAY:   Where and/or how did you come up with the name, Reality Suite?


(Brian) We were known as The Industry Standard for about 6 months....but we didn't feel it was ambitious didn't really make a statement. I felt we were bigger and better than that.....While driving, the word "Reality" caught my ear, so I wrote it on a napkin and kept it in the car. I felt like another word paired with "Reality" would have more impact.......Weeks later, Joe and I were on the phone, again while I was driving, throwing names around. He was at work, reading the doors in the office "Suite 207" "Suite 208," etc... I realized I still had that crinkled napkin in the car with the word "Reality" written on it.....and hence, the band name was born....


LINDSAY:  I know Joe, Antonio and Brian were in previous bands, so how did this band originate?


(Brian) After each of our previous bands achieved some success on the East Coast - all three band fizzled out due to the industry grind. So, we all took time off from music to focus on other projects. After 3 or 4 years, we became hungry to create music again. Originally, Joe and I got together with two other friends - and it was just that - friends playing music....jamming, nothing serious. Our one friend backed out because he sensed it was becoming too intense. Our first singer, we parted ways with because we weren't gelling musically. After inviting Antonio to join - we decided we didn't want to just jam for fun....we really wanted to take it to another level. Three singers later, we found Kimmii and we felt like a new band....a rebirth......we're finally off and running.

LINDSAY:   Where are your favorite places to gig out?

REALITY SUITE: Mexicali Live, Maxwell's, The Loop Lounge, The Court Tavern

LINDSAY:  All of my favorite bars ever!!!!   The Court Tavern was the first place I ever DJ'd!  You guys sounded amazing today, have you ever done the acoustic thing before? Would you be interested in performing acoustic style regardless?

(Brian) For years we've wanted to book acoustic gigs but due to recording and performing, we've never worked it out. Booking this appearance on Homegrown Spotlight forced us to drop everything and focus on stripping everything down. So, Lindsay - we've done this for you! And your cameras have captured our first public acoustic performance! We would love to continue doing acoustic sets......

LINDSAY: Aw, very cool, I love the stripping down of the acoustic blog, it really shows your talent!  Speaking of talent, what goes into your writing process, is a collective entity, or more individualistic?

(Brian) It is very collective. We have Google Drive set up where we can upload song ideas for each other to hear and who ever is inspired to move an idea forward will work on it then present it to the band....
(Kimmii) I think we all have different influences to contribute. So its really cool to see a song come together. We individually write or come up with an idea and then collaborate the song and it transforms into something entirely new. So everyone has their input.
(Antonio) We like to treat our ideas like going to a pot luck dinner. I guess you can say we like to inspire each other.

LINDSAY:  I know I have your album, Skinn, are there any other previous EP's or albums out there? Do you intend to make more music?

(Brian) We released two EPs and a few singles over the last 4 years....most of the material we've taken out of distribution because we feel so strongly about SKINN and see this new album as a reboot of Reality Suite.
(Antonio) We loved our past work, but our sound currently is much more focused
(Kimmii) Of course! I am so excited to make more music!

LINDSAY:  What would be the band's dream as a whole?

(Joe) To achieve a level of notoriety in the industry.... and perform at Madison Square Garden and stadiums worldwide!
(Antonio) Kick everyone's ears in with the rock they've been waiting for.
(Kimmii) For me it is to travel the world and play music.

LINDSAY:  If your band was asked to tour the world, would you drop everything and do it?

(Joe) In short, HELL YES!

(Antonio) Absolutely..

LINDSAY:   If each member of your band was a celebrity of any kind, who would they be? (Super heroes are more then welcome)

(Kimmii) Honestly, I can't think of anyone - I like being me.
(Joe) I'd want God power. Is that too narcissistic?
(Antonio) I'd like to be Mother Teresa and save the world.
(Brian) Peter North. Do I really need to explain that one?

LINDSAY:   Has your band been compared to any other bands out there? If so, which ones? How would you describe the sound of your band?

(Kimmii) We've often been compared to Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless.
(Joe) We’ve also been compared to Paramore. Our sound is a mix of Modern and Classic Rock which comes from a range of similar yet different musical tastes which Kimmii, Antonio, Brian and myself all bring to the table. Our influences usually comes out during our writing process and in the end we agree or compromise at times. Our goal is to create music WE love with catchy hooks.

LINDSAY:   What would you say is your biggest influence in writing, and performing?
(Brian) Writing - when I'm stuck on a lyric or melody, I'll wonder - how would Jon Bon Jovi approach this ? Or Rob Thomas - or Chad Kroeger......or Pat Monahan. I know I'll get my balls busted for that answer.....Performing? Even though I'm a drummer - I'm a big Paul Stanley/KISS fan. So my drumming performance is like a Paul Stanley/Lars Ulrich/Tommy Lee/ Keith Moon mash up! Kimmii has introduced a lot of heavier bands that have recently influenced us.....
(Kimmii) My biggest influences are Halestorm, Avril Lavigne, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pretty Reckless, Breaking Benjamin, Christina Aguilera and In this Moment.

LINDSAY:  If a new original band was to come up and ask you for one piece of advice, as they are just starting off in the music industry, in the local music scene, what would you tell them?

(Joe) My advice would be, practice your skills, stick to what you know best musically (be authentic) and be prepared to work hard at it. Oh, and make sure you have a working fog machine during a video shoot. j/k 😉
(Antonio) Stick to your guns, don't let anyone in the music industry try to change you. you are your own fate, grab the reigns and mush!
(Brian) Utilize social media to it's can have the best songs in the world but no one will hear them unless you perform often and are aggressive with social media.
(Kimmii) To never, EVER give up and always believe in yourself.

LINDSAY:   Time to plug plug away, anything you have coming up and all of your social media sites so that our WDHA fans can find all that is Reality Suite!!!

Our new album “Skinn” is available digitally worldwide and signed CDs are available at<>. We are also competing in the 2016 Ernie Ball FloodFest contest and need your support. Just visit to play and share our videos!! We are also excited to share the stage with Eric Martin of Mr. Big and Jersey’s own TRIXTER at Mexicali Live January 29th