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Deftones' Chino Moreno On Recent Comments From Guitarist Stephen Carpenter

When Deftones hit the road this weekend to begin their 2016 live schedule Saturday (March 5) at the Musink Festival in Costa Mesa, Calif., frontman Chino Moreno promises fans will see a united band. But that wasn't the way it was during the making of the group's new Gore album, due out April 7.

Guitarist Stephen Carpenter surprised fans with a recent interview, saying that he was initially not enamored with the material on the group's upcoming album and asked not to play on it. Moreno tells us Carpenter's dissatisfaction was no secret within the group but the situation chilled out over time:

Deftones' Chino Moreno On Recent Comments From Guitarist Stephen Carpenter

"It was pretty apparent while we were making the record that he was sort of odd man out in a way. The main thing is he sort of put himself there. He was there every day, very present in the studio there...It totally took him awhile to get invested in what we were doing, and it wasn't our intention to not include him. Obviously he's one of my favorite parts of this band and what he brings to the plate is very important. But, y'know, sometimes people are in different headspaces and it's as simple as that. I think in the end, though, where that article may have come off (that) he was just not involved is incorrect, 'cause he was very much involved. It just took him awhile to get there."


Deftones currently have dates booked into the spring with more coming for the rest of the year.



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