Another track from Above the Moon

It still boggles my mind that "Above the Moon" came in to perform for the WDHA Homegrown Spotlight, and then I had my baby a week after!! Sigh, they hold a special place in my heart!


Above the Moon, is an indie/alternative band, known best for their catchy melodies!  Female fronted, the band is pure amazingness from their personalities to their talent, I'm a HUGE fan!  In fact, stay tuned, because they will have new music out before you know it!  In addition, the band will be performing live this Saturday night, 8/13, at The Saint, in Asbury Park!  For more information click on their Facebook page !


Thank you Above the Moon for being so wonderful to me, and I wish you nothing but continued musical magic!

Here's another track from when the band came in to perform for the blog!  To see our interview from earlier, click here!