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Guess What: You've Been Playing 'Monopoly' Wrong Your Whole Life

Oh boy. A story published in The Sun points to a sad reality -- you were probably taught to play Monopoly the wrong way.

Let's allow that to digest for a moment, shall we?

Okay, let's take this step-by-step so we can figure out what we've all been doing wrong.

It's important to note that so many of us, myself included, never bothered to actually read the rules that were included inside the Monopoly box, rather we relied on our siblings or parents to teach us how to play.

At the time, which seemed like the logical advice to follow ... but now, I'm questioning everything, and you should too!

What if we've been playing every game the wrong way? There's no telling how deep this issue runs.

Breathe! Okay, let's start with the right way to play Monopoly!


FAIRFAX, CA - FEBRUARY 06: In this photo illustration, Monopoly board game pieces are displayed on February 6, 2013 in Fairfax, California. Toy maker Hasbro, Inc. announced today that fans of the board game Monopoly voted in an online contest to eliminate the iron playing figure and replace it with a cat figure. The cat gamepiece received 31 percent of the online votes to beat out four other contenders, a robot, diamond ring, helicopter and guitar. (Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


In my family, we always threw all of the fees and fines we had to pay in the middle of the board. Then, once someone landed on the free parking space, that person collected all of the money. If you were also taught to play Monopoly this way, guess what, it's not the right way to play. What's actually supposed to happen is your supposed to take a nice little break while parked there -- to count your money. Okay ... that sounds so blah.

Next up: having to go around the whole board one time before you can purchase property. Seems fair, right? You guessed it, that's not in the rulebook either! You can actually start buying property immediately following rolling the dice and landing on desirable piece of real estate. But it gets trickier when you don't want to purchase a property that you land on. What's supposed to happen is the property immediately goes up for auction, and all players, including the person who landed on the property can then bid on it. The property then goes to the highest bidder.

Now let's tackle Bankruptcy. If you can no longer afford your properties, because you're too busy paying rent or fines across the board, it seems logical that you should give the money to the bank -- right? Wrong again! The person who you owe the money to should receive the funds.

And let's not forget about the worst place on the whole board -- jail! Drawing the "Go directly to jail" card still haunts me to this day! I mean, how are you supposed to survive if you can't make money while in the slammer?! But again, we had it all wrong! In fact, you can still collect on the fees owed to you while in jail. Being sent to jail in Monopoly may actually be a blessing in disguise, as you don't have to fork over money for landing on other people's property while locked up!

So, now that you know the right way to play, go ahead and pick up the popular board game and give it to a family member or friend for Christmas. Everyone will be fascinated with the fact that you know the right way to play! Heck, they may even thank you for teaching them the correct rules!


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