ADOPTED: Stray Cat Strut- Ziggy (as in Stardust)

Ziggy was found by my good friend Jean who noticed this stray little fella with a bum leg. She instantly brought him in and called our amazing friends at OSCAR- One Step Closer Animal Rescue. Ziggy is 12 weeks old and a total cuddle bug. A Vet exam diagnosed Ziggy's leg as probably once broken and never really healed properly. The good news is it doesn't seem to bother this sweet little fella at all and he gets around just fine. Ziggy was with us at Home For The Howlidays, but didn't find his forever home. Ziggy is so friendly, cuddly and sweet. he would make a great pet for anyone! For more info…reach out to OSCAR- here is Ziggy's link!

Isn't he gorgeous!?

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Ziggy and Jean