Ad Expert Talks PR Fiascoes On the Jolt

Over the past couple of weeks a number of public figures and huge corporations have found themselves under VERY high scrutiny for their words and/or actions.

Fox News political commentator Bill O'Reilly, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Pepsi and United Airlines are all trying to deal with their respective issues, which could have very long-lasting effects.

Denise Blasevick is the Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of the S3 Agency in Boonton. A nationally-cited marketing expert, Denise's agency has developed advertising campaigns for such companies as BMW of North America, Samsung, and Eight O'Clock Coffee. She is also a regular guest on MSNBC.

Jim Monaghan and Kim Mulligan spoke with Denise about the recent PR fiascoes, possible long-term effects and how (if?) they can be overcome.