Common Wealth

My friends, we are back!!! I'm ECSTATIC to bring this blog back to life with NEW to the blog bands, and NEW music on the air!  I've always been a huge fan of working with local talent, and it's with my greatest pleasure to introduce you to our first of MANY blog posts, with a band I'm new to be a fan of, called Common Wealth!
As a new fan to the band, and finding out they have only really been on the scene for about two years, I was shocked to see how much they've accomplished in a short amount of time!  They've played with a TON of bands including Black Label Society, Killswitch Engage, Rise Against, Three Days Grace, Otep, Drowning Pool, Sevendust, Adrenaline Mob, and the list goes on.  I was immediately intrigued not only by their insanely grabbing sound, but by this resume!  I just had to sit down and interview them, and share their path with you!
From their trance melodies, to their loud and catchy choruses, to their theatrical stage presence, these guys are extremely unique, and bring an incredible presence to everything they do.
Please check out my interview below with lead singer Christian Carson of Common Wealth!  Then, absolutely tune into my show when I spin them Monday -Thursday 8/7-8/10 at 11:30 pm on the Homegrown Spotlight segment.  I know it's a week away, but I just HAD to blog about them first to get your attention!  Of course feel free to check out their sites as well, by heading to their FACEBOOK page which has all of their links!
-CW- Christian CJ Carson interview w/ WDHA - Lindsay Klein-
LINDSAY:   How long has Common Wealth been a band, and how did it evolve?
CJ: CW has been a band for about 2 yrs. Originally, I (Christian) had looked for the members to form CW in the Los Angeles, CA area, I had shot out to the west coast to attend "The Musicians Institute," a music school based in Hollywood, and hoped that by putting myself in a school filled w/ musicians, what would be a better place to scope potential band members. After some trial an error & jamming with a lot of different players, my journey led me back to my home state of NJ where I ended up linking up
with the members that currently make up CW.
LINDSAY:    How did you come up with the name for your band? 
CJ: It's pretty interesting, CW is actuAlly named after a street in NJ that some members have lived off of at one point. That's where the original thought to name the band had come up, but the name does take on multiple meanings for ourselves as well as fans. "Common Wealth" & the slogan "Spread The Wealth" used by fans in reference to the band, plays into the nature of the name as well. Having a positive and unifYing quality to it. We hope fans feel part of a family, and find a "common wealth" & bond with other fans of the band. Really its all a very positive thing.
LINDSAY:  SWEET!  I'm a sucker for doses of positivity......I see you guys are very busy on the road this summer, where is your favorite place to play close to home?  
What about your favorite place and/or state to play away from home?
CJ: We'd probably have to say some of our favorite spots to play close to home, would be any of the cool venues in Asbury Park, NJ. It's always great to be so close to home. We always see a ton of familiar faces & love the vibe in a lot of the venues there. Since we're fairly new, we've gotten the chance to hit only a few out of state spots, but so far anytime we hit Brooklyn, NY or anywhere in NY it's usually awesome.   Same goes with
a lot of spots in P.A.... they're always a good time & crowd reaction for us.
LINDSAY:   Do you guys tour a lot?  Obviously I'm brand new to becoming a fan of yours, so tell me all that is Common Wealth on the road.
CJ: Being we're on some of our first runs & tours currently, for the most part we've spent a lot of time on the east coast, but we are really excited to get out to WV, VA, and even further, starting up this Sept. throughout 2018!
LINDSAY:  I know you have a lot of music already made and are heading back to the studio to record some more..... Do you think you'll continue to create more music, or tour for awhile as a whole? What are your goals with music production in general?
CJ: Well we have out 3 current single/music video releases: "Cut This Deep" was our debut, "Mend The Pieces" the follow up, and our latest is "Pull Me Through." We had premiered via Revolver Magazine on both "Mend The Pieces" and "Pull Me Through." So far all of our releases have been getting their fair share of plays, and we couldn't be happier with the reaction from people. We head into the studio again this month (August) to record some new stuff, and are extremely excited to get this stuff out and show people more of what CW has in its arsenal. We most likely will tour through all of 2018 as well, so definitely keep an eye out for us heading to your town! 🙂
LINDSAY:  Do you guys have "day jobs", or lives that enable you to be on the road whenever you'd like to be? Would you like to continue to tour always?  Where would your ideal touring location be?
CJ: At the moment, two of us have part time jobs or jobs to head back to, when off the road, or out of the studio. Drummer, Joe Capasso works in a music store when off the road, and bassist Charlie Wealth, will often pick up construction work when able. The rest of us are solely CW.
 LINDSAY:  Describe the sound of Common Wealth, and have you ever been compared to anything mainstream that's out there already?
CJ: Our sound is something that definitely is still developing as we continue to release more content, but to put it simply, CW is a metal/hard rock band. We definitely are into a lot of different styles as a band and as individuals in our personal lives.  With CW, we like to be able to bring people
something different with each song, but still in the CW wheelhouse. As far as being really compared to anyone in the mainstream, not to much really, we've heard only a few things, like I myself have been compared to Corey Taylor vocally before.
I think we've heard some people say "Avenged" too, but I think when people hear something they like, and it's totally new to them, they look for anything that might sound slightly familiar to compartmentalize it in their minds...if that makes sense.  I think
we're creating something that hasn't necessarily been done, the way we're doing it. We hope to carry out our own little niche.
LINDSAY:  Where do you guys get your inspiration for your music?  What goes into the writing process...Is it one person doing most of the work, or the group as a collaborative experience?
CJ: Currently, I've done most of the core writing and brought the skeletons of the current releases to the table. If they make it through me (laughs) I take it to the guys, and from there we'll tweak it, arrange it, add stuff, and take stuff away.  It definitelyy turns into a collaborative effort, where everyone gets to put their "stamp" on.   Inspiration comes in so, so many forms, mostly just from living life. (laughs) Fortunately or unfortunately, however I guess you want to look at it, I've been through a lot.. well.... I'll put it this way, we've all been through and go through things in life daily..... good things,
bad things, all sorts of situations.   Anything can inspire me, it's really always different. I use writing as a way to have complete freedom, and to make peace with things, freedom to say what I want, to be myself, and to come to terms with certain things. It's basically a way for each one of us to express ourselves entirely through what we do. Even if I wasn't in a band, I'd still feel the need to express what's within me. Writing songs is just one of my ways to do it.
  LINDSAY:  I see you have a lot of amazing gigs lined up with national acts... how did you go about getting these shows? Any advice for others trying to do the same?  Also talk about your music video and what went into that production? ( sorry, long questions here) 
CJ: If you ever heard the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" well that's defenitely true. We were always trying, and continue to try to make the most "noise" in the room. Good advice on the national show stuff is to reach out to as many promoters with a basic e.p.k, and an email showing interest in the particular show you'd like to try to get a support slot on, and early on!   As soon as the date is announced or you hear about it, get involved.   Stay on people, but without being overbearing.   Then, when you get the opportunity, it's very important to deliver the goods. Put on great show, promote it like crazy, and sell your presale tickets.
As for our music videos, all three current videos released, were done by our good friend Austin Hein of Austin Hein Productions. I had some involvement in directing the "Mend The Pieces" video. Austin does a tremendous job every time, and we're planing to continue to work with his team again on our next releases.   The latest one, "Pull Me Through," was filmed at a place called "The Art Factory" in NJ.  It's an amazing place, visually stunning, with tons of awesome places to shoot.   It was a great experience over all, and we're really happy with how that video's "look" turned out.
LINDSAY:  Overall, what are the main goals of your band as a whole?
CJ: To keep making & creating music/art for a living, and to connect and help as many people with our music that we can. We feel that there's so many people that feel the same as us in so many ways, and we want to be there for them. It all goes back to the meaning behind the band, and the band name that we spoke about earlier... unifying people, and  bringing people together is something we all love to do, through music. Music is a great healer.
Bonus: If a new original band in the music scene came up to you and asked you for a piece of advice, what would you tell them?
CJ: A good general piece of advice, is to keep your feet on the ground, but your head in the clouds at the same time.  To always stay focused on your goals, but to also stay creative and be able to loose yourself in your craft. To get anything you really want in life, you have to really work hard for it, and the music business is no different.
Double Bonus: Time to promote all that is Common Wealth!  Tell WDHA fans where they can find YOU!
CJ: You can "Spread The WEALTH," see tour dates, and keep up with all things CW at: - for merch. concert tickets, posters, stickers, and more ...
Visit - CW music/videos are available on youtube, amazon, Itunes, spotify, google play , and tons more!