Eyeswan in the Spotlight

Although I'm a semi-new fan to the band, Eyeswan, I've known band member Brian, since childhood.  I knew he had a band, in fact I heard they even rocked, but somewhere a long the line, I never fully got introduced to the band.    I'm SO glad I finally made a Facebook post asking for new Homegrown Spotlight music, because as a result, I FINALLY got introduced to all that is Eyeswan, and I instantly fell in love......


I'm sad it took me this long to find them, but happy it DID happen.  I have a personal love for their "style" of music, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their sound.  In fact, they have released five records, including their latest "Manipulations".   What started as a solo project with lead singer Warren Swan, turned into an entity of its own combining punk, grunge, garage, hardcore and more into their own unique sound.


Please give some love to my childhood friend's band, Eyeswan, and then check out a show as well if and when you can!  I'll be spinning a tune every night this week on the Spotlight around 11:30 pm.


They'll be performing at Harp N Bard in Clifton 10/14, and Krogh's in Sparta on 11/25!  Give these guys some well deserved support!  Below is my interview with lead singer Warren Swan:

LINDSAY :  How long has Eyeswan been a band? How did it evolve?

WARREN:  We've been a band for 10 years now! It started out as a solo project, but that didn't last long. In the beginning it was just me and a drum machine, soon moved to a full band. While I have had members come and go throughout the years, I am truly blessed to have worked with such amazing musicians in this band. I could never do this on my own.

LINDSAY:  How did you come up with a name for your band?? Is there a story or any hidden meaning you can tell our listeners?
WARREN:  Well, no great story with our name, my last name is Swan and it was just a playoff of that. The name stuck and was unique, better yet we didn't have to put a ton of thought into it. Naming a band is a huge pain in the a*s!!

LINDSAY:   I can see from your website that you have  a bunch of released material dating back to 2009, and with your most recent release of "Manipulations", are there more unreleased material in the works?   Do you plan to keep writing music, or have a certain time frame you like to get your tunes out there?
WARREN:  We're in the process right now of writing a whole batch of new songs. We're expecting to have a spring release in 2018.

LINDSAY:   What goes into your writing as a whole?  Is it a collaborative project with the entire band, or individuals?  Where do you get most of the inspiration from?
WARREN: When we write it's a collaborative process.  I'll start by roughing out songs on my own with vocal and guitar parts, from there we pick everything apart, re-write it, and see where goes. Again I'm no solo artist, songs are never done until I've worked on them with other people.
As far as inspiration goes, and without sounding like a complete hippie, I'm always inspired by nature, being in the woods for me is forever inspiring. I'll go on a hike, come home and write a ton of riffs without fail. I'm also an avid cyclist and I love to work on songs while riding.
LINDSAY:   How about the production of your material?  Do you guys stick to the same producer, have you changed studios/producers over the years?
WARREN:  The last couple of years we were self producing ourselves, but always working with our friend Guy Neighmond at Digital Mix studios in Succasunna NJ. With our newest release "manipulations," we had the great opportunity of recording with Guy, and to have Chris Pennie produce/mix the album. For those who don't know, Chris was one of the original founding members of the NJ band "the Dillinger escape plan" and played drums for Coheed & Cambria for a bit. He's a true veteran of the music industry!   It was awesome having his knowledge and input on this record, and he's probably the most humble guy you'll ever meet, that put out an EP with Mike Patton!!

LINDSAY:    Describe the sound of your music, and have you been compared to any mainstream bands out there?
WARREN:  Our sound is ever changing and evolving, as I like to explore all genres without limits. We tend to stick to folk/ blues/ Indy rock, but we're always trying to sneak some heavier stuff in there........ We're a bunch of "metal heads."
LINDSAY:  Where is your favorite place to gig?  If given the opportunity to tour anywhere in the world, where would you go?
WARREN: Favorite place to play by far is up in Milford PA, at the Milford dairy bar. Our buddy Darrell throws some amazing shows at his ice cream shop continuously throughout his open season. Given the opportunity to tour again, I'd tour the good ol' USA. Nothing is more amazing than a good ride around the US.... I'll keep crossing my fingers. 
LINSDAY:   What is your favorite aspect of the music industry today, and your least aspect, as an original band on the scene trying to get their music heard.
WARREN:  The fact that nowadays the music you make is easily available to anyone anywhere on the internet is pretty amazing, it's a great time to be out there creating something.

LINDSAY:  If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?
WARREN:  I don't think I'd change anything about the music industry, it's far better now to be in full control of your music, and still get it out there. It's a viable option now to be the owner/operator, and not deal with record labels. 
LINDSAY:    What are your overall goals and dreams as a band?
WARREN:  Just to be able to keep on making music regardless of age or situation.

bonus:   If a new original band in the music scene came up to you and asked you for a piece of advice, what would you tell them?
WARREN:  I would say play tons of shows, and constantly write songs, question everything you're doing. The comfortable easy route is usually the less creative one
double bonus:   Time to promote all that is Eyeswan, ! Tell WDHA fans where they can find YOU, and anything else you'd like to add!


Oct 14th @the harp n bard, Clifton nj
Nov [email protected]'s , Sparta nj