Corevalay in the Homegrown Spotlight

I've been playing Corevalay for quite some time now.   A few people I knew sent me the music, and I was hooked instantly.  In fact, I've been trying to get them in the Homegrown Spotlight blog as well, so I'm glad I finally sat down with one of the lead singers,  Gerald Vitale, for an interview!


The band's latest release, "Forever" will be featured this week on the air for the Homegrown Spotlight segment at 11:30 pm, so please tune in and give them some love!  In addition, you can find these guys at their own website, and of course Facebook for more information.  If you can get out to a live show, they are playing at The Stanhope House on October 26, and November 11, 2017 as well!  Everyone I know who has seen them live says they put on a phenomenal show, so you will NOT be disappointed!   Please check out all that is Corevalay with my interview below!



LINDSAY:   How long has Corevalay been a band, and how did it come about?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:   Corevalay has been playing together since 2014. Corevalay first became a thought way before then, as I was looking to record some music I had written. Mike (drums) was a friend of mine and I asked him to track some drums on these recordings. Originally I had recorded the vocals along with a friend of mine, Jason Tremper, who also was the original lead guitar player of the band. We finished the demo's and really thought nothing of it. About a year later I started writing more music and decided to find a lead singer. I stumbled across Phil from an online ad. I really liked his vocal style and we started to write and record what became our first album, "This Beautiful Ride". Once the album was finished, we decided to put together an actual band. Mike, Jason, and AJ were all friends of mine, as well as great musicians. It came together pretty seamlessly.


LINDSAY :  How did you come up with the name for your band?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  Corevalay was a name that I had always wanted to use for a band. I'm a huge Seinfeld fan and the name is taken from some context in the show. I won't say exactly where I got it, but if you do some digging, you'll find it!


LINDSAY:   I feel like I've been playing you guys for quite some time now.  I love the album I have, but tell me about this new album you released this year!?  Do you have any plans to make any more albums as well?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  We certainly appreciate you supporting our first album! The "Forever" EP is a collection of some songs I had written a while back, and some brand new ones. We went through a transition for about a year when Jason left the band before we finally found Joe. Once we had locked Joe in as our new lead guitar player, we wanted to get some songs recorded and released right away. This is where "Forever" was born. Since all the base music was written, I just handed off what Phil and I had come up with to AJ and Joe to put the final touches. I think the end result is great example of the direction Corevalay is going in now, and we couldn't be happier. We are looking to release another album within the next year. Joe and I have been writing a lot of new material, with a very interesting twist, and hope to start recording in the new year.
LINDSAY:   What goes into the writing process?  Does one person have an idea and people roll with it, or is it more of a collaborative process?
GERALD OF COREVALAY:  A typical song starts with me writing and recording the foundation. I'll usually come up with the main riffs and arrangement, and present it to the group. From here, we'll usually get the majority of the vocals from Phil. At this point, he may change up the arrangement to fit what he has in mind or even change some parts completely. Next, it's off to Joe and AJ to work their magic, and add the icing on the cake. This is when the song really becomes solidified. Throughout the entire process Mike is also providing ideas for the drums.
LINDSAY:    Where do you guys get the inspiration for your music?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  Everywhere. I realize this is the standard "artsy" answer, but it's really the truth. Whether it be a nice day outside, a long day at work, or an interested movie, inspiration is all around and influences everything we do! I don't know that there's every one specific thing that influences the music, but a collection of everything molds it. Also, nacho's. A good plate of nacho's = great ideas.


LINDSAY:   Hahahah I may never look at nachos again the same way!   Are you a DIY band, or did you create your albums at a recording studio?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  We're very lucky that we have Five guys who know how to record and take advantage of technology. Phil and Mike more than the rest of us, as they have extensive experience recording. Phil also has a degree in audio engineering. This gives us a lot of freedom to do what we want, when we want. It's invaluable and has helped us tremendously.


LINDSAY:    Describe the sound of Corevalay, and have you been compared to any mainstream artists?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  I would describe Corevalay as Modern Hard Rock. We have many influences which come together to create this sound. We have roots in metal, rock, hip-hop, punk, jazz, and many other styles. This combination gives us a very diverse sound, and we really try to not pigeon-hole ourselves. However, at our core, we're just a rock band. Some artists we've been compared to include Deftones, Papa Roach, Shinedown, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Asking Alexandria, P.O.D., and many others.



LINDSAY:   Nice! I know our fans will LOVE your music style too!   What's your favorite venue to gig at?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  We've been lucky enough to play at many great clubs in our area. Some of our favorites include The Stone Pony, The Stanhope House, Maxwell's, Debonair Music Hall (formerly Mexicali Live), The Brighton Bar, and many others!



LINDSAY:   If life handed you a tour anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  How about Hawaii? Or maybe Europe? Possibly the Caribbean? Hell, let's get a nice vacation out of the deal!

LINDSAY:   What are your overall goals and dreams as a band?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  Right now we are just focused on getting our music in front of as many people as possible! We anticipate a full slate of shows in 2018, and we're looking to continue building up our fan base. We really have a great time playing in front of people, and we'll always want to keep doing that.



bonus:  If a new original band in the music scene came up to you and asked you for a piece of advice, what would you tell them?

GERALD OF COREVALAY:  If you want to be successful, be prepared to work hard. Unfortunately, you could have some of the best music in the world, but it doesn't mean you're instantly going to be an enormous rock band. Some bands get that lucky break, but the majority of the bands that are making waves, have put in the time and effort to get there. Also, be sure to network. There are A LOT of great local bands and we're all trying to achieve the same goals. Helping each other out, and supporting each others music is crucial to every ones ultimate success.

double bonus:  Time to promote all that is Corevalay, ! Tell WDHA fans where they can find YOU, and anything else you'd like to add!

You can find Corevalay on iTunes, Spotify, Google play and many of the popular streaming sites!