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Facebook Theater 5-22-18

Dating is probably never easy...and for some it's even worse once you reach 30. There are some images that once seen can NEVER be unseen. And there are always concerns about reaching a certain plateau in life and wondering what the next step is. All of that on today's Facebook Theater.

Zoltan Bathory Talks Ivan Moody’s Sobriety

Five Finger Death Punch has had a very chaotic past year between making a new album and handling the legal issues with their former record label, Prospect Park, but the most important moment for the band has been lead singer Ivan Moody getting treatment for his issues with alcohol.

You May Be Watching "Star Wars" All Wrong

A hot debated topic for Star Wars fans is finally coming to an end -- maybe. In 1977, the first Star Wars film A New Hope was released in theaters and nothing was ever the same again. Since its epic welcoming into our galaxy, seven more films have been released in the series, causing a…