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Attention Local Business Owners!

Are you a business owner looking to stand out and boost your brand awareness? With today's widespread use of the internet, tablets, and smartphones you'll want to market both on-Air AND online! Learn how Radio, combined with the power of Social Media and Interactive Marketing, can make your business top of mind.

Lita Ford Talks New Memoir

A number of rock memoirs are set to hit stores shelves in the coming year, and one that will surely be chock-full of incredible stories is Living Like A Runaway: A Memoir from Lita Ford.

WATCH: Slipknot’s Video For “XIX”

The opening track of Slipknot’s latest album .5: The Gray Chapter is the incredibly moving and haunting “XIX,” a tribute to their late bassist Paul Gray, so it should come as no surprise that the video also leaves the same impression. 

Most Ridiculous Bond Names

Today (October 5) is “James Bond Day.”  (Why it’s not on the 7th of any month or even July 7th to sort of play on “007” is baffles us, but whatever.)  In honor of this most holy of holidays, we look back not at the coolest Bond action scene but the most ridiculous Bond woman…