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Facebook Theater 7-6-17

Conversations overheard at a July 4th BBQ, some rather unique and poignant dating advice, and the joys of a garden hose and a cigar.... It's Facebook Theater, of course!

Facebook Theater 6-29-17

We're celebrating Harry Potter, hoping for asteroid collisions, and toilet tanks that crack spontaneously (we think). In other words, it's the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

WDHA Rocks America Weekend

All this weekend, we're celebrating rockers born right here in the USA! It's WDHA Rocks America weekend and we also have your chance to see a great American rocker: George Thorogood. Listen all weekend for your chance to win tickets to see him at The QuickChek New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning on July 28th. One…

Drummer Extraordinaire Liberty DeVitto On the Jolt

Best known for his 30 years behind the drums for Billy Joel, Brookly-born Liberty DeVitto has a lengthy resumé that includes working with Carly Simon, Phoebe Snow, Karen Carpenter, Stevie Nicks, Rick Wakeman, Bob James and Meat Loaf. He's featured in the new documentary film Hired Gun: The Untold Stories Behind Your Favorite Musicians. Not…

Facebook Theater 6-27-17

There's apparently a need for either a dress code or an adherence to a New Jersey Shore commandment, and an email from the boss may not be good for the liver.

Glen Campbell's New Album Through the Eyes of His Wife & Daughter

Though some regard him as mostly a country musician, the fact is that Glen Campbell's talents extend FAR beyond lumping him into one category. An incredibly talented guitarist, in his early days Glen found himself working on album sessions for Elvis Presley, Phil Spector, Frank Sinatra, Nat "King" Cole, the Beach Boys, and the Monkees…

Road Rage Justified? Author Dirk Nevelle Explains On the Jolt

We've all experienced it - some of the clueless, absent-minded, and often downright dangerous habits some drivers have that lead to us losing our cool behind the wheel. Author Dirk Nevelle has written a book called Road Rage Justified which takes a somewhat humours look at many of the everyday mistakes drivers routinely make that…

Big D- Top 3- 6/23

With the excitement building over a new Foo Fighters release in September (Concrete and Gold) No surprise the Foo's are this week's most requested! Here are your top 3…. #3- Mastadon- Show Yourself #2- The Pretty Reckless (with Warren Haynes) - Back To The River #1- Foo Fighters- Run Make your requests at 973-292-1055, Hit…

Facebook Theater 6-22-17

We're back in the gym (and someone's arms are swole AF), hooking fidget spinners up to a vape pen, and just how large does a "Curb Your Dog" sign need to be? It can only be Facebook Theater.

The Jolt Goes Undercover With the FBI

Marc Ruskin spent 27 years working as a special agent for the FBI, working mostly undercover. He's just published his first book, The Pretender: My Life Undercover For the FBI, in which he gives a thrilling behind-the-scenes look at the often harrowing life of an undercover agent. Drug deals, the mob, corporate fraud, a shootout…