Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 6-21-18

Nothing says "Happy Summer!" like an all-new episode of Facebook Theater. The beauty of parenthood.... The Ugly American once again shows his face... The neighbor who might want to consider applying for a job at Grucci.... It's all here.

Facebook Theater 6-19-18

On today's thrilling episode of Facebook Theater, we get world-class insight into online dating, alpha-delta thought patterns and how they affect relationships, and how (not) to deal with young children. And to think all of this advice comes to us completely free of charge!

Facebook Theater 6-12-18

Run-on sentences that may or may not make any sense whatsoever... The urge to scream obscenities in the face of a random stranger... Have you have enough of all the new terms and services agreements? It's all here in the latest Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 6-7-18

It's not always about soul-searching and ripping friends and relatives. Sometimes Facebook can offer men's grooming tips, advice on word usage, and poignant moments of growing into adulthood. Check out the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 6-5-18

Make sure you read the warning labels on your medicine. Some topical marital advice, and the whole food-sex conundrum. It's all on display for the world to see and hear in this edition of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-31-18

The best part of waking up is... ...an all-new episode of Facebook Theater! And what better way to end the month of May than with stream of consciousness thoughts that should probably really be left unsaid?

Facebook Theater 5-29-18

We welcome you back from the long holiday weekend with an all-new episode of Facebook Theater. You should probably be careful when Googling your own name...a suggestion to watch your language...and more.

Facebook Theater 5-24-18

What better way to head into the holiday weekend than with an all-new Facebook Theater. This is a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when WDHA's "Voice Guy" John Reilly records the raw voice tracks. As if Facebook Theater isn't already bizarre enough....

Facebook Theater 5-22-18

Dating is probably never easy...and for some it's even worse once you reach 30. There are some images that once seen can NEVER be unseen. And there are always concerns about reaching a certain plateau in life and wondering what the next step is. All of that on today's Facebook Theater.