Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 12-14-17

Hell hath no fury such as that of the scorned Judas Priest fan, the flu-ridden spouse, or the parent whose child has decided to throw a temper tantrum over a dog treat. It's all covered in the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 12-12-17

On this episode of Facebook Theater we have - Mistletoe advice you will need for the company holiday party Mounting frustration with modern technology The current definition of "bros" as it applies to concert-goers

Facebook Theater 12-5-17

Today's Facebook Theater finds us searching for Amazon codes (for a friend of course), lamenting the number of media hosts who are disappearing from the airwaves, and offering tips when posting political content on Facebook. It's all captured in brilliant high-def stereophonic sound.

Facebook Theater 12-5-17

Former Giants head coach Ben McAdoo ignited the ire of the team's fans when he benched QB Eli Manning in favor of backup Geno Smith this past Sunday. To fully capture the scope of the fans' anger, we went to actor Michael Rapaport, comedian Vic DiBitetto, and the Pope for this instant classic edition of…

Facebook Theater 11-30-17

Those moments when: You realize your kid needs to start paying his own way...or at least for his own haircuts Your favorite quarterback has been benched You realize you're starting to get old It's all here in the latest Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 11-28-17

What happens on a Tinder date gone awry? It's all been captured on this latest edition of Facebook Theater. Swiping left and right will never be the same again.

Facebook Theater 11-22-17

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, nothing says "THANKS!" like an extra helping of Facebook Theater. It seems we're paying more for coffee than interstate train fares, it may be time for legal action, and that may not be Play-Doh floating in the bathtub.

Facebook Theater 11-21-17

Let's see.... The latest contributions to Facebook Theater come from: A former NASA worker (aka rocket scientist) Someone whose memory seems to fade based upon alcohol consumption A former co-worker  

Facebook Theater 11-14-17

Ever wonder what happens behind-the-scenes with Facebook Theater? When John (aka "The Big Voice Guy") sends us his audio tracks, there are multiple takes of each part of the script, along with some fumbles, an occasional (?) obscenity, and a few ad libs. Enjoy!

Facebook Theater 11-9-17

Today's Facebook Theater is very close to Jim Monaghan. And we mean that literally. There are contributions from his cousin's wife, a former college classmate, and the Mom of someone Jim plays on Sunday mornings on "All Mixed Up" here on WDHA.