Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 7-20-17

Not everyone is happy about the heat wave, there are still complaints rolling in about Game of Thrones, and some free career advice.... It's another episode of Facebook Theater!

Facebook Theater 7-18-17

The latest episode of Facebook Theater covers everything from Governor Christie on the beach to exercise tips to someone less than enthusiastic over the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

Facebook Theater 7-13-17

Working out can apparently distort your distance vision, some unsolicited advice for millenials, and Governor Christie and his beach chair...all part of another episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 7-11-17

The guy who uses Facebook Live to announce the opening of an envelope wants you to know how professional he is, there's a request to become just the slightest bit more familiar with American history, and...well...who doesn't need that third margarita once in awhile? It's all in the latest episode of "Facebook Theater."

Facebook Theater 7-6-17

Conversations overheard at a July 4th BBQ, some rather unique and poignant dating advice, and the joys of a garden hose and a cigar.... It's Facebook Theater, of course!

Facebook Theater 6-29-17

We're celebrating Harry Potter, hoping for asteroid collisions, and toilet tanks that crack spontaneously (we think). In other words, it's the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 6-27-17

There's apparently a need for either a dress code or an adherence to a New Jersey Shore commandment, and an email from the boss may not be good for the liver.

Facebook Theater 6-22-17

We're back in the gym (and someone's arms are swole AF), hooking fidget spinners up to a vape pen, and just how large does a "Curb Your Dog" sign need to be? It can only be Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 6-20-17

It would appear that not everyone was happy with their respective Father's Day gifts...and a longing for the good old days of 2016 and searching for Pokemons. In other words, it's Facebook Theater.