Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 8-22-17

Is it actually possible to Ctrl-Alt-Del certain alt-political groups? Certain bathroom habits need to be discussed. Race is a hot topic. Presented for your listening enjoyment in an all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-17-17

Some advice for new moms, a husband's trouble with emojis, and a parent needing advice on dealing with the parents of her daughter's friend.... Where else to turn but an all-new episode of Facebook Theater?

Facebook Theater 8-15-17

As we head into the middle of August...and the final month of summer...it would appear some Jersey Shore residents are more than ready for fall, things that make you go "hmmmm," and one mom has a new career. All that on a brand new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-3-17

A bottle of self-tanner, Governor Christie, and a piece of microwaved salmon all walk into a bar together.... You're either hungover from some REALLY bad tequila, or it's another episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 7-27-17

Remember...your wife is always right...even when she isn't. July may in fact be too early for Halloween candy. And you may think you're getting yourself in shape but it may be too late. It's all inside the latest Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 7-25-17

The dating scene and relationships in general can be a constant source of aggravation... ...especially when talking politics blows up your timeline. They can also serve as fodder for yet another episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 7-20-17

Not everyone is happy about the heat wave, there are still complaints rolling in about Game of Thrones, and some free career advice.... It's another episode of Facebook Theater!

Facebook Theater 7-18-17

The latest episode of Facebook Theater covers everything from Governor Christie on the beach to exercise tips to someone less than enthusiastic over the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

Facebook Theater 7-13-17

Working out can apparently distort your distance vision, some unsolicited advice for millenials, and Governor Christie and his beach chair...all part of another episode of Facebook Theater.