Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 2-15-18

Going to the hospital? Make sure you get your pre-op testing done on time and by all means, make sure you let all your friends on Facebook know that you're scheduled for surgery. Plus commuter woes and a possible need for contraception while watching the Olympics on television. Welcome to the latest episode of Facebook…

Facebook Theater 2-13-18

No mid-winter doldrums here...not when we have Facebook Theater to keep us entertained. Trips to the doctor are always good fodder for social media, as are the drunken exploits of winning Super Bowl teams. Morning Jolt co-host John Hodorovych called this episode his favorite of 2018 so far!

Facebook Theater 2-8-18

In the aftermath of the Iggles' Super Bowl victory, some Giants fans reveal they've been having difficulty on social media. Well, there's always some hating on Tom Brady to pass the time...and the Tide Pod crazy continues. It's all in the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-6-18

Where else can you go for the latest on Tide Pods, political rants, and Nigerian millionaire princes? This latest episode of Facebook Theater gets right to the emotional center of what people are really concerned about.

Facebook Theater 1-30-18

More gym etiquette tips...a DHA listener actually one-ups the President (or at least the President's commode), and subtle relationship advice.... That's the winning formula for today's all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 1-25-18

Jim Monaghan said on the air that he thinks this might be the best Facebook Theater ever! A Wiggles reunion tour gets dissed in favor of a vacation in Italy, Tom Brady is described in VERY NSFW detail, and two Jacks might not make for the best combination at work.

Facebook Theater 1-23-18

Questionable parenting skills, hot Russian models, and how you absolutely know for sure when someone hates you.... It's all spelled out in detail in this latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 1-12-18

A day late...but never a dollar short...although perhaps we should check our wallet. But we digress. Today's Facebook Theater deals with parenting, social interaction, and sporting issues in the great state of Georgia.

Facebook Theater 1-9-18

Is there a more appropriate display of passive-aggressive behavior than that cesspool of human emotion known as Facebook? It's all on in display in this latest episode of Facebook Theater.