Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 5-15-18

It simply wouldn't be Mother's Day without a little family drama. In this case, it might also be WAY too much information combined with the drama. We call it Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-10-18

When you need deep thinking, advice on wearing pants, and early tips for your Memorial Day Weekend barbecuing, where do you turn? If all else fails, there's always Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-8-18

Men - when you ask your spouse to treat you like a king, please be careful what you wish for. And another thing - she's ALWAYS going to get the last word. It's been that way since Day 1. Grammar/punctuation nerds may also not fully appreciate today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-3-18

Lettuce is the new food out to make us sick.... Someone's 9-year old may be grounded for life.... And why do any research when you can just make stuff up? It's all captured for posterity in today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-1-18

Where can you find expert NFL Draft analysis, tips on cellphone etiquette and insight into social media all in about 60 seconds? Try this episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 4-26-18

Near as we can tell, the phrase "passive-aggressive" dates back to the Second World War. We can't confirm that, but we do know that it perfectly defines pretty much each and every episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 4-24-18

The season finale of The Walking Dead was...well...let's just say it brought back not-so-fond memories of a certain leather-clad water skier jumping over Jaws. Sean Hannity gets a sly reference, and more relationship trauma.... Welcome to the latest Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 4-12-18

While Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is getting grilled by our nation's finest, we bring you this latest episode of Facebook Theater, chock full of personal angst and drama.

Facebook Theater 4-10-18

The novelty of snow in April has clearly worn on the nerves of some. "Jersey Shore" is back on TV, and a question for you - is "fugly" in the dictionary? It's an all-new Facebook Theater on the WDHA Morning Jolt.

Facebook Theater 4-5-18

The holidays.... A time for families to gather together, share each other's company, and apparently STRESS EACH OTHER OUT! This latest episode of Facebook Theater captures some of the recent Easter Sunday dinner table angst.