Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 6-13-17

A simple way to check the forecast in another country, yet another "get off my lawn" moment, and tight-fitting cranky pants all add up to another frantic edition of "Facebook Theater."

Facebook Theater 6-8-17

Let's see.... There's a new acceptable alternative for #ButHerEmails, the joys of eating an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting, and biting questions about our grade-school musical instruction.... All adding up to today's episode of "Facebook Theater!"

Facebook Theater 6-6-17

On a morning when the commute was probably as miserable as the weather...when we all could have used a nice vacation meal featuring an outstanding lobster...we bring you an all-new episode of "Facebook Theater."

Facebook Theater 5-30-17

Back from the long holiday weekend with all-new frivolity. On today's Facebook Theater we learn about anatomy, someone has issues with the "Dirty Dancing" remake, and an urgent plea to couples that we hope is COMPLETELY ignored.

Facebook Theater 5-26-17

Heading into the Memorial Day Weekend with a Friday edition of Facebook Theater. Apparently not everyone is a fan of rompers for men...let's just leave it at that.

Facebook Theater 5-23-17

Fixed home heating systems...just in time for summer, not everyone appreciates the music of Seals & Crofts, and how the New York Mets are different from a dented fender - all part of this morning's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-19-17

Nothing says "WEEKEND!" quite like a Friday morning episode of Facebook Theater full of dead but nice-smelling flies, unnoticed birthdays and odd childhood memories.

Facebook Theater 5-16-17

Early-morning fire alarms that lead to burnt french fries, pink Bugs Bunny ghost spies, and what's with these new hospital gowns? All of that explored and explained (?) on today's edition of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-11-17

Your sister apparently knows just how angry and vindictive one person can be, stream-of-consciousness while standing online at the grocery store, and comments about the President's command of the English language - all a part of this episode.