Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 10-17-17

Let's see.... We get THE definitive review of Bruce On Broadway, someone apparently has in-law issues, and we get the real reason for all those squats. It's an all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-12-17

One of the WDHA staffers was surprised to find one of his social media rants had made it to this latest edition of Facebook Theater! Plus people are taking sides on Yankees manager Joe Girardi, and we still can't quite figure out what to do with Bon Jovi.

Facebook Theater 10-10-17

Poor Joe Buck. He just can't seem to find anyone who likes him...and don't get us started on Tim McCarver. Even in retirement, he's not safe either. Everyone is a foreign policy expert these days, and there may be an issue with the babysitter. It's the latest Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-5-17

Agree on politics? Never! But it appears that Rolling Stone magazine may have united many of us. Plus, some concerns about bank fraud and a suggestion for "Facebook Support." It's all contained in the latest Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-4-17

You should ALWAYS be aware of brown droplets outside the men's room at work, relationship milestones, and the #TakeAKnee controversy makes an appearance.... It's all in this episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-28-17

Bathroom hygiene, more political intolerance, and how to solve the annual pumpkin spice problem in this country are all addressed in this latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-26-17

Dad tests his reflexes while listening to Justin Bieber, "When I was your age" thoughts from a millennial to her peers about modern education, and a Giants fan reacts to Sunday's late loss to the Eagles. It may be one of the best episodes of Facebook Theater yet!

Facebook Theater 9-19-17

No matter how sassy she gets...she'll always be Daddy's Little Girl.... Plus there seems to be some confusion about a new pop culture fad, and setting ground rules is always a good thing. It's the latest Facebook Theater episode.

Facebook Theater 9-14-17

We now know the REAL reason ratings are down for the NFL so far this season. There's baby poop flying around and dad is nowhere to be found. And Ted Cruz...well...let's just say he apparently has the situation well in hand. It's the latest episode of Facebook Theater.