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Facebook Theater 11-22-17

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, nothing says "THANKS!" like an extra helping of Facebook Theater. It seems we're paying more for coffee than interstate train fares, it may be time for legal action, and that may not be Play-Doh floating in the bathtub.

Facebook Theater 11-21-17

Let's see.... The latest contributions to Facebook Theater come from: A former NASA worker (aka rocket scientist) Someone whose memory seems to fade based upon alcohol consumption A former co-worker  

Michael Dorn - aka Worf - On the Jolt

No one has appeared in the Star Trek franchise than Michael Dorn. Best-known for his portrayal of the Klingon Worf, Michael will be part of a Star Trek fan cruise in early 2018. Michael called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to speak with Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych about his experiences doing Star Trek over…

Dan Rather On the WDHA Morning Jolt

Dan Rather is one of America's most-respected journalists and he's just written a new book called What Unites Us that takes a look at the United States throughout its incredible history and how we're not only a nation of dreamers but fixers, too. Dan called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to talk with Jim Monaghan…

Peter Marshall On the WDHA Morning Jolt

"Circle gets the square!" He hosted more than 5000 episodes of the hit TV game show Hollywood Squares over a period of 25 years, but Peter Marshall was more than just a straight man to the likes of Rich Little, Paul Lynde, Garrett Morris and others. Peter called into the WDHA Morning Jolt and spoke…

Bob Papa Talks Giants Mess On the Jolt

There's no way to soft-sell it - the Giants are in a complete free-fall right now. Players have been suspended, they've lost to teams in almost inexcusable fashion, players are ripping the coach behind his back, fans are screaming for the coach to be's an absolute recipe for disaster. This morning on the WDHA…

Talking Jets & Giants With Kim Jones On the Jolt

No one...and we mean NO more connected with what is going on in the National Football League than Kim Jones. Kim called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to speak with Jim Monaghan on the Giants' and Jets' respective seasons, her take on what's happening with Giants head coach Ben McAdoo, as well as some…

Facebook Theater 11-14-17

Ever wonder what happens behind-the-scenes with Facebook Theater? When John (aka "The Big Voice Guy") sends us his audio tracks, there are multiple takes of each part of the script, along with some fumbles, an occasional (?) obscenity, and a few ad libs. Enjoy!

WDHA's Morning Jolt Toy Drive

The holiday season is here and so is our annual Toy Drive benefiting Toys For Tots! Over the past five years you've helped make this one of the biggest toy drives in New Jersey bringing a smile to so many kids faces.