Morning Jolt

Summer Fitness Tips On the Jolt

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you may be thinking about getting yourself in better shape for the summer. Making healthy lifestyle changes can be simpler than you might think. A few different food choices here...a few 25-30 minute self-weight exercises there can all add up...and faster than you might think. Fitness coach Michael…

Facebook Theater 5-23-17

Fixed home heating systems...just in time for summer, not everyone appreciates the music of Seals & Crofts, and how the New York Mets are different from a dented fender - all part of this morning's Facebook Theater.

WDHA's Jim Rotolo Reviews Roger Waters At Metlife

Roger Waters is kicking off his new tour this Friday night in Kansas City MO in support of his forthcoming album Is This Really the World We Want? which is scheduled for a June 2 release. WDHA's Jim Rotolo was at the invite-only rehearsal show at Metlife Stadium Sunday night and called into the WDHA…

Facebook Theater 5-19-17

Nothing says "WEEKEND!" quite like a Friday morning episode of Facebook Theater full of dead but nice-smelling flies, unnoticed birthdays and odd childhood memories.

Author Brian Southall Talks Sgt. Pepper On the Jolt

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of one of the most important, ground-breaking albums in rock history - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Author Brian Southall, the former Director of Communications Director of EMI Records Worldwide, has just released a new book Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: The Album, The Beatles…

Actor Cam Gigandet On the WDHA Morning Jolt

Bad-boy surfers (The OC), vampires (Twilight), cowboys (Magnificent Seven)...Cam Gigandet has played them all In his new series Ice (available on DIRECTTV), Cam is joined by Donald Sutherland and Ray Winstone in a gritty, high-impact series that explores the dark underside of the diamond trade business. Cam called into the WDHA Morning Jolt and spoke…

Facebook Theater 5-16-17

Early-morning fire alarms that lead to burnt french fries, pink Bugs Bunny ghost spies, and what's with these new hospital gowns? All of that explored and explained (?) on today's edition of Facebook Theater.

Paula Poundstone On the WDHA Morning Jolt

The very funny Paula Poundstone has made a career out of making people around the world laugh. The audiences may be having fun, but are they happy? Paula set out to find happiness...and looked in places like fitness gyms, dance studios, fancy automobiles and more. Her new book The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search…

Facebook Theater 5-11-17

Your sister apparently knows just how angry and vindictive one person can be, stream-of-consciousness while standing online at the grocery store, and comments about the President's command of the English language - all a part of this episode.

Mark Proksch On the WDHA Morning Jolt

Mark Proksch has a knack for playing quirky characters. You know him as "Nate" from "The Office" and "Pryce" from "Better Call Saul" and you may even know him as the guy who somehow managed to pass himself off as a yo-yo expert before people started to figure out the joke. Mark spoke with Jim…