9 Films To Watch On 4/20

Every holiday usually has some sort of activity attached to it, and while 4/20’s activity is obvious, we believe a movie marathon is definitely in order.

10 Music Movies Everyone Should See

Actress Kate Hudson celebrates her birthday today (April 19), and when thinking about her acting resume, it's hard not to consider Almost Famous, perhaps the best music movie ever, as her biggest triumph.  

Greg Sestero Talks With the Jolt

WDHA listeners know Greg Sestero as one of the co-stars of the Tommy Wiseau "classic" The Room. He also wrote a book about the making of that movie called The Disaster Artist that was turned into a film of the same name starring James Franco. That film was highly acclaimed. Greg and Tommy are back…

Actor James Faulkner On the Morning Jolt he didn't want to talk a whole lot about his character in Game of Thrones being killed by dragonfire. I mean, who would, right? We still had a great time speaking with actor James Faulkner. Following appearances in GoT, Bridget Jones's Diary, Downton Abbey and more, James is starring in the new film Paul,…