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About Lindsay Klein

Lindsay-Klein_500x500Growing up in a home with walls lined in vinyl, it is no surprise that Lindsay Klein grew up with such a passion for music and rock n roll.  Since her late father had two dreams, one being to invent flying cars as seen on the Jetsons, and the other to be a DJ on WDHA, Lindsay decided that fighting to be a DJ on WDHA was a safer goal to honor them both.   She is now the host of the night space 7pm- midnight weeknights for the past nine years!!!   She started off at WDHA in the Promotions department driving Vanzilla, not crashing it, and begging for air shifts.  Finally, her dreams started to come true, and she joined the air staff in 2003 as a part-timer.

When asked her favorite part about being the night DJ, she proudly answers, other then never stepping foot in a mall and/or supermarket on the weekends, the 9pm request zone where she gets to engage with the listeners, and hosting the WDHA Homegrown Spotlight on the air and the blog on the website, which also gives her the opportunity to meet and work with the community, helping local artists get their music heard.

Lindsay went to Rutgers University to study dance and visual arts.  Although she realized being the clutz she is that a major in Communications would probably be more valuable.  In fact before radio, she did a lot of acting on MTV shows, Comedy Central sitcoms, and a few movies.  She really made her grandparents proud the time she was on The Sopranos, and it was an episode with a lot of well, nudity, and then some.  Lindsay found acting and dance to be fun, but  it never truly felt like the right fit, until she landed an internship in radio.  It was at this moment that the stars aligned and Lindsay finally knew what her purpose in life was....to play music for fellow vampires aka night people, and entertain the wonderful state of NJ.  It was destiny.  Baby pictures of Lindsay include shots with turn tables, fisher price microphones, and enormous headphones, but it wasn't until college that she truly found her career path.

When Lindsay Klein is not rocking the airwaves of WDHA, she's spending time with her new husband (which she agreed to  marry because he was a fellow Yankees fan), DJ'ing an event/gig, hosting a WDHA event, saving the world in her Wonder Woman undies, acting as "Super aunt" to her beloved nieces and nephews, teaching yoga on a boat, in a studio, or practicing a yoga pose in her kitchen sink.   Yes it is true, she's a workaholic, although she likes to call it "passionate".  Family is the most important thing to Lindsay being the oldest of five children.  In fact, she even hangs out with her parents, in the real world!!!!  Some of Lindsay's favorite concert moments have been shared with the people that taught her what rock n roll was, her parents.

Lindsay Klein was always taught to fight for her dreams, and continues to do so in life, love, and on WDHA.  Check out her show weeknights from 7pm-midnight and her WDHA Homegrown Spotlight Blog below with your favorite local artists here: Homegrown Spotlight