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Facebook Theater 5-31-18

The best part of waking up is... ...an all-new episode of Facebook Theater! And what better way to end the month of May than with stream of consciousness thoughts that should probably really be left unsaid?

Facebook Theater 5-29-18

We welcome you back from the long holiday weekend with an all-new episode of Facebook Theater. You should probably be careful when Googling your own name...a suggestion to watch your language...and more.

Facebook Theater 5-24-18

What better way to head into the holiday weekend than with an all-new Facebook Theater. This is a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when WDHA's "Voice Guy" John Reilly records the raw voice tracks. As if Facebook Theater isn't already bizarre enough....

Facebook Theater 5-22-18

Dating is probably never easy...and for some it's even worse once you reach 30. There are some images that once seen can NEVER be unseen. And there are always concerns about reaching a certain plateau in life and wondering what the next step is. All of that on today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 5-17-18

Remember these three important things: Your life is like a movie - even if that movie is a disaster flick A mugshot may not be the best way to determine someone's innocence When in doubt, blame ARod In other words, welcome to Facebook Theater.

Sharlee Jeter Joins the WDHA Morning Jolt

A lot of people are diagnosed with cancer. Not very many people commute from Atlanta to New York and back for cancer treatment while in their senior year of college. Sharlee Jeter did. The sister of New York Yankees legendary shortstop Derek Jeter, Sharlee tells that story - and more - in her new book…

Facebook Theater 5-15-18

It simply wouldn't be Mother's Day without a little family drama. In this case, it might also be WAY too much information combined with the drama. We call it Facebook Theater.

Rock Author Steven Hyden On the Morning Jolt

Eagles fans - take note: You and Steven Hyden might come to blows. The author of Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me has just published a new book called Twilight of the Gods - A Journey To the End of Classic Rock, and he takes some serious shots at Don Henley, the late Glenn Frey,…