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NBA All-Star Ray Allen On the Morning Jolt

Ray Allen spent 18 years in the NBA, becoming a ten-time NBA All-Star and winning two championships in the process. Allen was also a prolific shooter who excelled from behind the three-point arc and is the league's all-time leader in career three-point field goals in both regular and postseason action. Ray spoke with Jim Monaghan…

Facebook Theater 3-29-18

Politicians mistaking social media for credible news sources Sloppy kids Hundreds of thousands of people writing the same book It can mean just one thing - An all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Marion Ross - aka Mrs. C - On the Jolt

"America's Mom" - after playing the iconic Marion Cunningham on the hit TV series Happy Days, Marion Ross took that title and ran with it. Marion has just released her first book, My Days: Happy and Otherwise, covering her terrific career that also saw her work with Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, and Cary Grant. The…

WDHA's Hammer For Heroes 2018

105.5 WDHA is proud to partner with Morris Habitat for Humanity for our inaugural, “Hammer For Heroes” campaign.   This year, our Hammer For Heroes home will go to a veteran... Why?  Because you can't have the land of the free without a home for the brave.  So this May 3rd & 4th, roll up…

Actor James Faulkner On the Morning Jolt

Okay...so he didn't want to talk a whole lot about his character in Game of Thrones being killed by dragonfire. I mean, who would, right? We still had a great time speaking with actor James Faulkner. Following appearances in GoT, Bridget Jones's Diary, Downton Abbey and more, James is starring in the new film Paul,…

Facebook Theater 3-27-18

One of the more eclectic episodes of Facebook Theater so far in 2018 if we do say so. We run the gamut from Russian hackers to cranky Jets and Giants fans to a plea to use urinals for their original intent. It's a veritable slice of Americana we tell you!

Facebook Theater 3-22-18

WDHA Listeners, please take note: While we're all aware of Facebook using our data to try to sell us stuff, the Morning Jolt offers this plea - PLEASE don't stop posting your personal drama. We need material for Facebook Theater! So what if it results in your timeline being flooed with ads for AARP?

Actor Corbin Bernsen On the Morning Jolt

Most WDHA listeners will remember Corbin Bersen for his role as attorney Arnie Becker on the long-running TV series L.A. Law. Over the course of eight seasons, he received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Corbin also played Roger Dorn in the Major League movie trilogy. His latest film, My Daddy's In Heaven, has just…

Facebook Theater 3-20-18

This morning's Facebook Theater should probably fall under the category of Public Service Announcement. Leave the gang signs to real gangsters. Avoid binge-drinking liquids with artificial coloring. Avoid holidays with suspect origins. You're welcome.

Facebook Theater 3-15-18

We found something slower than waiting on line at DMV. A video of an NFL quarterback doing something that most college kids do at least once a week went viral. Pop culture continues to invade American politics. It's an all-new Facebook Theater.