Facebook Theater 11-14-17

Ever wonder what happens behind-the-scenes with Facebook Theater? When John (aka "The Big Voice Guy") sends us his audio tracks, there are multiple takes of each part of the script, along with some fumbles, an occasional (?) obscenity, and a few ad libs. Enjoy!

Facebook Theater 11-9-17

Today's Facebook Theater is very close to Jim Monaghan. And we mean that literally. There are contributions from his cousin's wife, a former college classmate, and the Mom of someone Jim plays on Sunday mornings on "All Mixed Up" here on WDHA.

Facebook Theater 11-7-17

Where exactly does one go in search of Facebook amnesty, workout-music programming advice, and attempts to change hearts and minds? How about today's episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 11-2-17

You might want to put the phone down for a least a few minutes this time of year, not everyone is happy about Christmas intruding on Halloween, and some tips on how NOT to answer certain questions during a job interview.... All part of a brand-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-31-17

A warning to parents - don't let your kids near your iPhone, the W-T-F's are spinning out of control, and maybe we SHOULD go back to arguing about politics. It's all in today's new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-26-17

Don't you think everyone should have a theme song to accompany them throughout the day? A spelling lesson to include the letter "Z" and the random purge of online friends. It's all in this latest edition of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-19-17

When your auto correct gives you "duck fat," and when you want to moon your boss, and when your Jets-fandom frustration can simply not take anymore Tom Brady... ...there's always a new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-17-17

Let's see.... We get THE definitive review of Bruce On Broadway, someone apparently has in-law issues, and we get the real reason for all those squats. It's an all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-12-17

One of the WDHA staffers was surprised to find one of his social media rants had made it to this latest edition of Facebook Theater! Plus people are taking sides on Yankees manager Joe Girardi, and we still can't quite figure out what to do with Bon Jovi.