Facebook Theater 1-12-18

A day late...but never a dollar short...although perhaps we should check our wallet. But we digress. Today's Facebook Theater deals with parenting, social interaction, and sporting issues in the great state of Georgia.

Facebook Theater 1-9-18

Is there a more appropriate display of passive-aggressive behavior than that cesspool of human emotion known as Facebook? It's all on in display in this latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 1-4-18

New Year...New You on Facebook! That means seriously trimming your friends list, Christmas porn in January, and a (not so) subtle request for maturity. And it's all packed into 60 seconds of the latest Facebook Theater!

Facebook Theater 12-21-17

It's the special holiday edition of Facebook Theater...and the last one of 2017. You think people air grievances only on Festivus? Fear not - there's still plenty to complain about, including a shot across the bow at a classic Yuletide song.

Facebook Theater 12-19-17

The season's upon us...and so is a new episode of Facebook Theater. When did this gluten-free thing begin? That guy on the bridge in Paterson...I guess when you gotta go...you GOT TO GO! A Christmas song that NEVER needs to have another version

Facebook Theater 12-14-17

Hell hath no fury such as that of the scorned Judas Priest fan, the flu-ridden spouse, or the parent whose child has decided to throw a temper tantrum over a dog treat. It's all covered in the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 12-12-17

On this episode of Facebook Theater we have - Mistletoe advice you will need for the company holiday party Mounting frustration with modern technology The current definition of "bros" as it applies to concert-goers

Facebook Theater 12-5-17

Today's Facebook Theater finds us searching for Amazon codes (for a friend of course), lamenting the number of media hosts who are disappearing from the airwaves, and offering tips when posting political content on Facebook. It's all captured in brilliant high-def stereophonic sound.