Facebook Theater 4-12-18

While Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is getting grilled by our nation's finest, we bring you this latest episode of Facebook Theater, chock full of personal angst and drama.

Facebook Theater 4-10-18

The novelty of snow in April has clearly worn on the nerves of some. "Jersey Shore" is back on TV, and a question for you - is "fugly" in the dictionary? It's an all-new Facebook Theater on the WDHA Morning Jolt.

Facebook Theater 4-5-18

The holidays.... A time for families to gather together, share each other's company, and apparently STRESS EACH OTHER OUT! This latest episode of Facebook Theater captures some of the recent Easter Sunday dinner table angst.

Facebook Theater 4-3-18

There's a routine many men have in the morning...a natural order where certain things follow one another. The human body being what it is doesn't always cooperate. Thus, one man's saga on this morning's Facebook Theater, featuring guest orator Vic DiBitetto.

Facebook Theater 3-29-18

Politicians mistaking social media for credible news sources Sloppy kids Hundreds of thousands of people writing the same book It can mean just one thing - An all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 3-27-18

One of the more eclectic episodes of Facebook Theater so far in 2018 if we do say so. We run the gamut from Russian hackers to cranky Jets and Giants fans to a plea to use urinals for their original intent. It's a veritable slice of Americana we tell you!

Facebook Theater 3-22-18

WDHA Listeners, please take note: While we're all aware of Facebook using our data to try to sell us stuff, the Morning Jolt offers this plea - PLEASE don't stop posting your personal drama. We need material for Facebook Theater! So what if it results in your timeline being flooed with ads for AARP?

Facebook Theater 3-20-18

This morning's Facebook Theater should probably fall under the category of Public Service Announcement. Leave the gang signs to real gangsters. Avoid binge-drinking liquids with artificial coloring. Avoid holidays with suspect origins. You're welcome.

Facebook Theater 3-15-18

We found something slower than waiting on line at DMV. A video of an NFL quarterback doing something that most college kids do at least once a week went viral. Pop culture continues to invade American politics. It's an all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 3-13-18

Maybe it's the snow. Maybe it's the lack of sleep from the return of Daylight Saving Time. Maybe it's something in the water. This latest episode of Facebook Theater has porn stars, no chicken, and fanny packs. Now THAT'S eclectic!