Facebook Theater 9-19-17

No matter how sassy she gets...she'll always be Daddy's Little Girl.... Plus there seems to be some confusion about a new pop culture fad, and setting ground rules is always a good thing. It's the latest Facebook Theater episode.

Facebook Theater 9-14-17

We now know the REAL reason ratings are down for the NFL so far this season. There's baby poop flying around and dad is nowhere to be found. And Ted Cruz...well...let's just say he apparently has the situation well in hand. It's the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-12-17

Rush Limbaugh as a gateway drug...fidget spinners spinning out of control...and the ongoing struggle against haters who just gonna hate. It's an all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-7-17

Fall is in the air...and so is all that pumpkin-flavored nonsense. But please...please...PLEASE leave the Pop Tarts alone! That and more on today's all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-5-17

Nothing says "Welcome back from the holiday weekend" like a new edition of Facebook Theater. Opinions on the ticket prices for Bruce Springsteen's upcoming Broadway shows appear to be split, and some helpful information from Mr. Grammar Bitch highlight today's episode.

Facebook Theater 8-31-17

An end-of-the-month extravaganza! We take a look at the First Lady's choice of footwear, a former First Lady's upcoming literary offering, and some musical thoughts for those about to undergo a colonoscopy. In other words, it's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-24-17

Hell hath no fury like that of a Mets fan scorned...a post-solar eclipse thought about nature and the universe...and neighborly financial issues.... It's the latest episode of Facebook Theater!

Facebook Theater 8-22-17

Is it actually possible to Ctrl-Alt-Del certain alt-political groups? Certain bathroom habits need to be discussed. Race is a hot topic. Presented for your listening enjoyment in an all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-17-17

Some advice for new moms, a husband's trouble with emojis, and a parent needing advice on dealing with the parents of her daughter's friend.... Where else to turn but an all-new episode of Facebook Theater?