The Exact Problem Richie Sambora Had With Bon Jovi

We're starting to get details on what happened between Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi. The guitarist who eventually split from the band started having issues as early as 1985, he said in a recent interview. Sambora wanted Bon Jovi to be more of a band, and felt it was more focused on making Jon…

Wise Words From Jon Bon Jovi

Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey was the surprise winner of Bon Jovi's Crash My Commencement contest as the group showed up at the graduation ceremony on Tuesday (May 16).

GALLERY: Musicians That Never Seem To Age

Jon Bon Jovi turns 55 today (March 2), and it goes without saying that in addition to being an absolute force live decades after debuting, he has, without a doubt, aged extremely well.   (And he's embraced a silver-haired look and got better looking.  JBJ is unreal!)