4 Band Origin Stories

Today (December 11) is Nikki Sixx's birthday, and to celebrate, we thought we'd look back on some of the pivotal moments in rock history that lead to the creation of Motley Crue and some of the biggest bands ever.  Enjoy!

Roy Orbison Jr On "All Mixed Up"

Roy Orbison Jr's dad - hands down - was one of the coolest people on the planet. Not just for the people he hung out with (the Beatles, Jeff Lynne, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan)...not just for the wide variety of artists who covered his incredible songs over the years (Van Halen, Buddy Holly,…

7 Original Band Names We’re Glad Didn’t Stick

On August 29, 1959, an up-and-coming band called The Quarry Men played the opening night of a new teen hangout called the Casbah Coffee Club in Liverpool, England. Of course, that band would go on to become The Beatles.  (Perhaps you’ve heard of them?)