8 Iconic 80’s Wrestling Themes

"The Immortal" Hulk Hogan turns 64 today (August 11), and if there's one thing wrestling fans the world over can agree on, it's this:  Hogan's entrance theme is one of the best of all time.

WATCH: Dwayne Johnson Watches His First WWE Match

Dwayne Johnson, who celebrates his birthday today (May 2), headed into 2017 as the highest paid actor in Hollywood earning a whopping $64.5 million in 2016. But let’s face it, regardless of the millions…and millions that he earns from his acting career, to many, he will always be The Rock.

WWE Star Luke Gallows On the WDHA Morning Jolt

The WWE Live Holiday Tour rolls into our area on Sunday December 11 and wrestling superstar Luke Gallows called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to speak with Jim Monaghan & Kim Mulligan. Luke previewed the event, talked about his kids' Christmas wish lists, the roots of the WWE, and a pending Cabinet position within the…

5 Best “OMG” WWE Moments In 2015

With less than two weeks left in until the New Year (which will signal the start of Royal Rumble buzz and “Wrestlemania season”), we’d like to look back on some of the biggest “OMG” WWE moments in 2015, because frankly, it’s best for business.