WATCH: Corey Taylor Joins Steel Panther At Des Moines Show

When bands roll into certain cities, sometimes you get to experience a little something we like to call “hometown magic.”  That was the case when Steel Panther played a show in Des Moines and were joined by, perhaps, Iowa’s favorite son, Corey Taylor.

This show took place back on May 29th, but video finally surfaced on YouTube recently, and boy…are we thankful it did!

Take a look at the clips below of “Asian Hooker” and “Eyes of a Panther.”  Shortly after introducing Taylor, lead guitarist Satchel says, “I know what you’re thinking, and yes, we did have to pay him quite a bit to get up here.” 

After watching these clips, we think it was money well spent. 

(BTW:  These clips contain language that’s VERY NSFW, but from Steel Panther, we wouldn’t want it any other way.)



Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter who never leaves home without her iPod, because to her, there’s something very comforting about carrying around every piece of music she’s ever owned in her life.