Page Talks What Would Have Been On 9th Zeppelin Album

The last three albums of the epic Led Zeppelin reissue campaign (Presence, In Through The Out Door and Coda) are coming out July 31st, and in doing the media rounds for the releases, Jimmy Page was asked the question many of us pondered:  What would have that ninth Zeppelin album sounded like if it weren’t for the untimely passing of John Bonham?”

In an interview with Classic Rock magazine, Page reveals that Zeppelin IX would have been filled with “Interestingly-constructed riffs and hypnotic music.”  He even opened up as to what Bonham would’ve brought to the table stating, “John and I spoke about this a lot. Let’s put it this way – on the next album, John wouldn’t have been playing with brushes. John loved the idea of anything where he could really get going.”

We certainly agree with that, but, alas, yet another case of “what could have been.”

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