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Excerpt From Phil Collen Book Touches On Steve Clark’s Death

For those wondering just how deep Def Leppard’s Phil Collen would delve for his new book Adrenallized, a recently released excerpt will give you a good idea.

Exclusive to Classic Rock Magazine, Collen details the death of guitarist Steve Clark, who died from an overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol in 1991, and how it nearly led to him leaving Def Leppard and why he decided not to attend Clark’s funeral

Collen said how “it just didn’t seem right” to replace Clark and that at one point, he told Joe Elliott that he’d “rather be a plumber” than continue with the band.

Fortunately, Elliott convinced Collen to stay, but the most heartbreaking part of the excerpt is the reason why Collen didn’t attend Clark’s funeral:

“Although we were all trying to process this, there was something that really started annoying me. It was the fact that when Steve’s funeral was announced, all of a sudden, everyone started caring about Steve – from total strangers to people who knew him on the fringe. I was so pissed about this that I decided not to go to the funeral. When Steve needed help, only the people really close to him were there. As soon as he died, everyone jumped in with their "I knew Steve" stories, not trying to help with his addiction but simply based on trying to hang out with a rock star. The floodgates opened and all the sycophants started pouring in for the funeral, which confirmed my decision not to go. I know Steve would have been with me on that.”


Adrenallized:  Life, Def Leppard, and Beyond comes out October 27th and is currently available at Amazon.





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