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Lzzy Hale of Halestorm Teams Up With Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Lzzy Hale's collaborations are always on point, and this time she's teaming up with Trans-Siberian Orchestra for their Letters From The Labyrinth album. 

Hale told Billboard that it was a complete surprise to her that they TSO wanted to collaborate with her. She elaborated with the following:

"It kind of came through the pipeline that they were looking for my contact, so of course I'm like, 'Hey, what's up?' 'Well, we have this great song and it's a love song' and, as (O'Neill) put it, they wanted somebody who had 'the whiskey dust' in their voice. They ended up coming to me in Nashville during our last little stint of time off and cutting it, and it was awesome, just an amazing group to work with."

TSO's vocalist Robin Borneman sings on the song but they decided they wanted a female perspective on the song. Given that Halestorm's frontwoman has a power punch in her vocals, Paul O'Neil shared with Billboard that he felt "Lzzy Hale has a great voice. She's a great rocker, a lot of emotion. Robin and Lzzy, in my opinion, knocked it out of the ballpark."

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is going to be on tour starting November 18, but hopes to include a few songs from the new album on the tour, and maybe to link up with Lzzy for a live performance at some point.

Billboard has the exclusive share of the track, click here to listen.



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