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Kid Rock And Other Rockers That Have Gone Country

Kid Rock turns ___ today (January 17th), and looking back at his catalog, we can’t help but notice how much his sound has evolved as he’s grown as an artist, with his last two albums being his biggest forays into country music. Of course, he’s not the first rocker to do so. Here’s a look at he K-I-D and other musicians that have also “gone country.”

Kid Rock

You also might remember “Born Free” being used in promotions for TBS’ coverage of the 2010 MLB postseason. So, if you all of a sudden want to take batting practice after listening to this track, there’s a reason for it.


Steven Tyler

Who would have thought that Steven Tyler’s first solo album would be a country album? I doubt few of us saw that one coming when he released his first single “Love Is Your Name.”


Bon Jovi

Recorded with Jennifer Nettles, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” was released in 2005, and frankly, we had finally gotten this catchy song out of our heads…and then Kid Rock’s birthday happened, and now it’s back in.



Even the mighty Metallica went country (sort of) with “Mama Said” off of 1996’s Load.



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